Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tis The Season for All the Emotions

I'm really not sure I know how to organize this post. This last week was emotion overload for me.

But first.. my runs.  As I mentioned in my last post, I saw I got my weekly miles up too fast (0,30s, 50). Last thing I want to do right now is get hurt AGAIN. So I took a little off my daily runs and took an extra day off.

Tuesday: 5 miles dreadmill run. My calves were shot and sore, I decided to stop early and just stretch for an extra 10 minutes.

Wednesday: Rest for my unhappy legs.

Thursday: Runch! The weather approached 40 and I NEEDED to run outside. I took my run during lunch at work out, and it was a bit slushy..well very slushy, and I didn't account for all the red lights on the street. I ran out to the aquarium and back. Here are some photos:
Non Tourist View of the City

View from the Shedd Aquarium
The Runch run felt great! I run so much more easily and faster off the treadmill, my pace was a lot quicker for the effort than what I do on a treadmill.

Funny note for the run: As I was waiting for a light to change (Note, I was wearing my tights) this old lady in her 70s with a walker, and her 13 year old grand daughter walked by me...then stopped. Old lady turns around, stares at me and says: mmhhhhmmmmm mmmmm that butt! turned back and walked away. The young girl turned and said, SORRY SIR! I'm not sure how to feel about it.. used? Awkward?

Friday: Rest again.

Saturday: Early morning 7 and change easy run outside, a little slick on the lakefront, so I just took some kick off my pace.

Sunday: 13 mileish run with Annabelle @ Fluency's Folly. I had a lot of fun with this run.

 The weather was fair (35 and trace wind) and we had a relaxing pace to just chat or just enjoy the peace of the run. We got to see Santa getting some cardio in before eating all those Christmas cookies!

Okay, now for the rest of life, where the emotions happened!

Wednesday... My wife and I finally let friends know we are expecting come July 1! A lot of you already saw this on Facebook and Twitter. I was elated that I could finally talk about it! The pregnancy frames largely what plans are come next year (especially for races, aka, none hah)
Face is up and it is totes waving at me
How we announced it:

 I'm happy :) We are much more relaxed this time around with the pregnancy.

Thursday: The Bootlegger's Running Coalition (BRC) Holiday Party. A fun evening! I got to meet some people for the first time that I only knew from our group page and some for the first time not in running cloths! I have so much to learn about them, but I felt very welcome! I can't wait to develop more friendships here!

Now the hardest part of the night, it would be the last time that I, and the rest of us Chicagoans, would get to see Erin (The Ruminator). I hated saying goodbye, she has been so good to my family and I, the city is losing a valuable person, runner, wife, and mother! Cheers to you Erin!

Next up... Saturday... the visit to see Santa Claus with my daughter.. My wife wasn't feeling well, so I was left to take my tot on a mall adventure..

1st stop- the BIG Macy's in the Loop... hell no... line was depression.

2nd stop - I meant to go to Bloomingdale's mall, which started at 11, but I went to Nordstrom mall instead (womp) and they started at 12...  It was now 11. Off to Bloomingdale's..

3rd stop - Bloomingdale's.. It is now about 11:30.. Line is long, but I thought it might move quickly.. At least it was pretty:

Two hours later we make it to Santa.. my daughter was a doll the entire wait. We had a LOT of play time to avoid melt downs. She was all excited to see Santa... until it was her turn to actually to see him.. melt down... Pictures later... Long day over all! We were wiped.

And there we go! I am a bit emotionally tired from the week, but that's what really stands out when you look back on life right?

Now hopefully my wife feels better by Christmas!
What say you?


  1. You could have, gasp, even left the running part out because yeah, everything else is what stands out. Goodbyes definitely suck, but now you have someone to visit out west? Yeah, that probably doesn't help.

    What are the odds that you and tot #2 share a birthday? It's cool that you and Lil' Smokie got to have a date day on Saturday :) I'm sure she'll appreciate the quality alone time even more once she's a big sister!

  2. Hey, congratulations!!! What awesome news!!

    Nice pictures of Chicago! Where did those photo effects (the snow and the blinking lights on the tree) come from? They're so cool!

  3. Hey, the BRC had a holiday party? I guess I got kicked out b/c I did not get an invite! Oh well, I was out of my league in that speedy group anyway! :)

  4. Well first of all congratulations! I'm sure my cigar is in the mail ;)

    Thankfully you were able to get outside, I agree 100% that an outdoor run is quicker and leaves you feeling much better than the treadmill.

  5. Congratulations!!!!

    LOL, too funny that that old lady said that. And that the young girl apologized!

    Happy Holidays!

  6. Felicidades!!!

  7. Congrats again on the bayyyyybeeeeee-to-be. May it be the wurst baby ever.

  8. Lil smokie and I have a decent chance to share a birthday which would not make the mrs happy!

  9. Gracias!
    the photo effects are from google photo!

  10. :( Sorry man!!! Totally thought you had the invite!

  11. Sorry for the late night cry!!! Shout out can barely do you and your family justice!

  12. Thanks! I'll use my inhaler before the cigar!

  13. Thanks!! happy holidays to you as well!