Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Totally have a happy national running day..please..

National Running Day

A day where runner's take extra pride in their motivation and the running community. Where we can be a little extra obnoxious to non runners when we talk about how we ran today. Totally an awesome day...

Except if you are a sourpuss like me.

I'm totally...

I know I should have my supportive face on, put aside my injury madness... but I end up feeling like this:

I'm sure any of you that are committed to an activity, like running, and get sidelined from it due to an injury, secretly have this feeling when you see other people doing and enjoying the activity that you love.

But you probably want some content here! So let's go!

Last Friday, my physical therapist said I could try doing a back to running program, since I had a few days in a row where my knee wasn't bad. The plan was a 10-15 minute warm up, stretch, then do 5 minutes of running and 2 minutes of walking, repeat until I hit 45 minutes.  I was pumped. I felt like the wind was about to change and blow away my dark injury clouds. I was thinking ahead where I could be in a week or two! Then reality set in..

Saturday brought back a cranky knee that wasn't bending well and increased pain. I took some Advil for my pain/swelling and felt much better after.  Sunday I woke up feeling a bit more limber. I had to try the run. I didn't want to go to therapy again saying I was too scared to try.

Once I warmed up and stretched, I started my run. I felt right away that things were not right.  My right leg wasn't bending back far enough or doing the full running motion. My knee was wobbly. Yada yada yada

Mentally this was happening:

I kept hoping that my knee would magically warm up and I'd be free like a bird on the lakefront path. Once I realized I would be a train wreck, I got off the main lakefront trail and to one of the side trails closer to the lake. It was a test of madness and lost hope. The two minute walks in between the running attempts were rough, not because I wanted to run again quicker, but I was in slow time and had to accept that reality isn't ready to match my dream.

I got home and was thankful that I didn't force ill advised speed or time to happen. I was happy to not be in any intense pain or knee swelling. Although my right ankle did flare up the next few days due to the awkward stride I had.

My frustration isn't so much in the long break from running (I know many people that have had to be benched for much longer than me), but rather the repeated failed efforts to return to running. The time table for my return has always been fuzzy, so my hopes stay in limbo. If you follow sports, I feel like I am constantly on the "day to day" status for months now.

But all is not all wobbly like jello! I saw my sports doctor yesterday who told me I'm probably two to three weeks from running again. I need to use some NSAID pain relievers to control the swelling for a week, as that is what cause my pain and stiffness. My doctor and my therapist told me the reason my knee locks up and can't move without pain sometimes is that my MCL gets caught in the track for my knee cap, so getting off that hurts..Ouchies.

Okay, enough negative nancy. Let's move on.

Life isn't all gloom!
It is totally raining in our living room
And my daughter graduated to her big girl bed!

And some days, it is better to just hang around and do nothing:

I've stolen enough of your attention for one sitting! Thanks for stopping bye!
Enjoy your run :)


  1. Aww, Lil Smokie is so cute. And I know how you feel. Hope you're back to running pain free soon!!


    We shall overcome. We shall overcome these injuries because we are smart and not overdo it and force running at all when our legs aren't ready. We are totes smart.

    Your daughter is totes adorbs!

  3. Really bummed to hear the knee is still giving you issues. Hope you are back to running soon!

    Love the pics of Lil Smokie!

  4. Kelsey @ Fueling StrongJune 4, 2014 at 12:40 PM

    I feel your pain with no running. I went 20+ weeks with nothing. Now that I'm able to run up to 6 miles, it's still just as frustrating because I just want to train train train... I highly recommend the back to running program from The Running Institute. It's a painfully slow progression, but it has works wonders for me. You start with 4:30 min walking :30 job for 30 min 3 times per week. Then every week you take :30 off the walk and add :30 to the run. In 4 weeks you run 30 min 3 times then you start to increase 10% each week. It really helped me to get back without reinjuring myself. Best of luck~ miss you out on the trail!

  5. Sometimes I think trying to come back from an injury is just as bad, if not even worse, than the injury itself, especially from a mental standpoint. It's so frustrating to not be able to do what you want to do, and even more frustrating to think you SHOULD be able to do what you want to do and find out you're not quite there yet. But 2-3 weeks -- that's a nice light at the end of the injury tunnel! Hang in there!

  6. In three weeks, will you have lots of free time to run once you are cleared? :) Hope the healing gods shoot some healthy vibes your way.

  7. Katie @ Live Half FullJune 4, 2014 at 5:39 PM

    You are so right- the failed attempts are running are the worst part about being injured. Nothing is worse than having the will to run and not being able to run pain free. Keep resting, keeping enjoying life outside running and pretty soon you'll be back.

  8. Oh bummer you are still out with an injury. Hurry up and get better. I missed reading about your fast runs along the lakefront.

  9. Thanks! I totally am going to sing a Frozen song when I can run again. For the first time in forever!

  10. Thanks! Soon is always so rough. It seems like way too long when it hasn't finished, but not so bad when it is over.

    Lil smokie is pretty rad!

  11. You're my inspiration for not being a complete Archie Bunker about this.
    I immediately thought of your injury and how you handled it with grace! And your injury was worse as well. I tell myself I have no place to complain. So thank you :)

    The return to run sounds like a major mental test of patience! i'm sure I'll be on something similar!

  12. Ugh! i so want my first run back to be like a 2 hour run! lol

    Will try!

  13. We are so totes smart, with run ending pain as our teacher! lol is it summer break for that teacher yet??

  14. At least I won't have a ton of time to dwell on not running 2 hours a day right???


  15. I'm running out of motivation pictures about getting better by trying and failing!
    Thankfully life can still keep me busy!