Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Marvel at This!

No, I didn't achieve some superhuman run time, but some totes awesome things have hit the webs! In case you have been living under a rock, here are my picks!

Ant Man:

Star Wars:

And Batman vs Superman:

 I can't rave enough about Daredevil on Netflix either!!

Okay, enough nerdasming!

Running stuff.

Pretty standard week of running, 5 runs, two rest days. Focusing a lot on listening to my body to tell me what to do for each day. I may have my force back, but still have to deal with a lot of stretching and not push extra miles just to reach more mentally fulfilling daily miles.

The most interest run of the week was on Friday (hello 78 degrees!) I had watched this video:

And, while not for everyone, it inspired me to try to make a difference in someone's run. So during my lunch run, before I made it to the lakefront path, I ran into a lady (maybe my age?) running the opposite direction, who was putting in work on her pace. I figured this would be my best chance, as the lakefront is too busy to stand out from the crowd.

I got my high five hand ready, eye contact, hand up, CONTACT.

What else....
I got to see see part of the last Bull's game of the regular season on Wednesday and see some of the players' friends and family!
Before the gates opened!!
And that's all I got for the moment! Thinking of some ideas for more common sections in the blog (like, favorite kidisms of the week/day, favorite ebay tie finds of the week)

Everyone running the Boston Marathon, have fun! You don't need luck if you made it that far!


  1. Yay for runs and giving back during your run! I'll commit to doing that on tomorrow's run!

  2. I ran the Lakefront Path a couple weeks ago...not a single high five. Made me sads :(

  3. Love the Sunday Run video. We should totally set something up like that sometime, but it would actually require some effort, so it won't happen! :)