Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Friday, October 23, 2015

Who Are the Runners in Chicago?

Taking a step away from a blog all about me me me... I know... insane..

I want to share some information I collected on the runners in Chicago.


Four months ago I created a survey for a forum I created to gather some anonymous information from the readers. There is a little over 1200 subscribers and 96 of them responded.

Here are the results (pdf) or for a photo of it. Below is a thumbnail of it, but it doesn't enlarge too well. Just use one of the links!
click me!

I also merged my map of select running clubs in Chicago (with pretty static locations) with markers where runners responded to looking for people to run with, Link.

You can see some areas of Chicago that are Running Club deserts. Groups on and Facebook pop up pretty often, but pretty often dry up after lack of attendance.

I would like to see Park Runs pop up, that would be fun.

Some data I didn't chart out: Where do runners like to run? Lakefront path the overwhelming victor, followed by the 606, and Prairie Trail.

I had thoughts of doing this on a neighborhood level, but I didn't have enough data.

 Any thoughts, suggestions, or types of data you'd like to see?


  1. M'Laaaadddddyyyyyyy.

    I like data.

    Also have you checked out the Runopia app for group runs?

    1. I just downloaded it. Cool concept. No swipe if you want to run with this sausage?