Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dad Version 2.0

Greetings All!

As most of you already know (by either Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram), my son was born on July 5th at 8:47pm! He is a week old and that dude is a pig! He's growing fast, dude didn't even lose any weight in the first few days! Here are week one's "progress"pictures:
Day 1

Day 7

As for my daughter, she is in the obessesed stage with him:

My wife and I are trying to make sure to make my daughter feel extra special during this time period so she doesn't feel left out, but I'm sure the jealousy stage will rear its head soon enough!

The first week with my son, B, has been tiring, as anyone that has had to stay up with an infant knows! His nights and days are all messed up. Some nights he is awake screaming bloody murder, testing a parent's love and patience until 4am, and the other nights he lets us get a few hours of sleep.  During the day, the kid is an angel, and doesn't stay awake despite my daughter's tornado of activity or our efforts to keep him awake so that he sleeps more deeply at night.

I'm pretty tired and I just lost my train of thought... oh well!

So how does this transition into running? Well back in March my wife reminded me that I wouldn't be able to do heavy running once the kid was born. Three and a half months of being benched made sure that I couldn't do heavy running. So in a way, life made sure I put the baby before miles.

I have a much easier time finding 30-35 minutes in the day to exercise and not make my wife mad and my daughter too distraught than running for 1-2 hours a day (not to say I don't miss running 1-2 hours a day). And what is currently encompassing those 30-35 minutes?

Well today (the day is still Saturday as I write) was the last day involving walking in my Return to Run program. Next week I do three 30 minute runs. Before I started the program I was stoked to run those minutes, thinking I'd be flying through them. Reality set in during the last few weeks. I lost so much fitness, I am going to be sucking wind and getting cramps. I really hope I get my wind back sooner than later! (I also need to drop some of these pity pounds I put on over the last few months) This return has reminded me how hard running is. To have more empathy with people starting out, that you just don't go out and enjoy runs until you put a lot of heart, hustle, and muscle into training. I keep reminding myself of what I am capable of and that I can get back there. To become a good runner again, good enough to run with people again, and push a jogging stroller without getting hurt (I still don't have clearance to do this). I still tape my right ankle to prevent soreness, the next few weeks will be the major test.

Lost my thoughts again! Good stopping point.
I'm out!


  1. Looks like 'lil Smokie I is lovin' 'lil Smokie II. Smokie love rules. Good luck with your return to running. Hopefully we'll be able to run together soon! :)

  2. Congratulations! What an adorable little nugget :)

    Keep the faith in the running department! Regaining fitness takes time and patience, but if you had the patience to make it all the way through a return to running program, I don't doubt at all that you have the mental strength to get back to where you used to be.

  3. The abundance of Lil' Smokies in this post is just too much. SO CUTE.

    This -> "To have more empathy with people starting out, that you just don't go out and enjoy runs until you put a lot of heart, hustle, and muscle into training."

    I haven't been doing this nearly as long as you, and even I forget that there was a time not too long ago where I pretty much dreaded running. But you'll get back there pretty soon (and never feel like you can't run with people - $10 says you're still faster than me!)

  4. Aww! Congrats on your son! I hope your daughter stays in the admiration phase for a long time.

    Running is so much about consistency... it stinks when you get waylaid and lose all that fitness and some of the enjoyment when you come back. I bet people will still want to run with you though :) And 30 mins sounds perfect!

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