Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dragon Ash Run

Easy recovery run scheduled for today. Hanson Plan calls for 7 miles. I add a few miles, partly for more miles, but partly to get a good fun run in with company. Today I got to run with Erin and Lynton!

I got a much better sleep last night, but I was still contemplating sleeping in and just doing 7 miles with the jogging stroller after work.

Get outside at about 4:15am. My legs are beat. My left leg is just fatigued, and I had some soreness in my right leg too. Not really pain, just not something I wanted to do a lot with. Strength wise, I felt fine.  Stomach feels a bit blah, at least it isn't the #2 system. My first mile was really slow. I got to my stretching point and was running a bit late now to meet up with Erin and Lynton, so I hurried the stretches up and trotted on my way.  I was a bit worried that my legs wouldn't pull it together and I'd hold them back.

Thankfully a mix of pride and stubbornness helped force myself in a normal fun run pace. As I've talked about before, I always enjoy hearing experienced runners gab about race prep and training. I kept quiet to just feel like part of a community I sneaked into.

The first six miles I was dragon ash (pronounce this like Sean Connery would). The last four miles my legs finally felt a bit more comfortable. I was glad I chose to run early.  I wouldn't feel guilty eating a giant breakfast, I can see the starts, and the dark burgundy sky before the sunrise.  Lynton not experiencing this pre sunrise run too often had his moment of zen seeing the sky and made me re-appreciate the beauty of the moments we pass while out running. YOLO?

Are you feeling a little stale right now with your running? Starting to feel complacent? Get this poster on your dorm room wall!

Game of Throne Fans: For those of you worrying about the recast for Ser Gregor Clegane being to small, here he is to the right. The small guy to the left? Magnus Ver, the four-time champion of the World’s Strongest Man contest.
He actually weighs the full 419 lbs of Clegane, and has competed and placed highly in World Strongest Man contests, and actually won Iceland's strongest several years running. For those of you who lift weights, his personal bests are 772 lbs raw squat, and 507 lbs raw bench press.

That's enough for today! Happy Pre Friday Eve!


  1. Kelsey @ Fueling StrongSeptember 4, 2013 at 9:44 AM

    I totally hear ya on feeling a little blah with my running. It's not that I'm not loving it, it's just that the body is getting a little worn out. First 20 miler this weekend, so hopefully this feeling will pass.

  2. I give you a lot of credit for sneaking extra miles in on easy days. When I see a 6-7 miler on the schedule, I'm all "yes!! an extra 45 minutes of sleep!" and adding more miles in doesn't even appear on my radar. I'm thinking of maybe sneaking some easy doubles in if it ever cools off though. I think it helps loosen up my legs after sitting at my desk allll day loooong.

    Enjoy your rest day!

  3. Pete B lakefronttrail.blogspotSeptember 4, 2013 at 10:21 AM

    Yes, he may be able to do 772 lbs raw squat, and 507 lbs raw bench press, but what's his 5k PR?

  4. Always blah-est before the running storm right?? Good luck with the 20 miler! i'll try to give you a high five if you are in the inside part of the group!

  5. I think about the sleep too! But as social interaction is low outside of work, I look forward to actually chatting with friends, so the miles work, plus that is more food I can eat!

  6. haha why don't we ask him and see if his growl breaks our soul

  7. I think we all start to feel like this as the marathon gets closer. I try to work on my mental toughness around this time and running with a friend helps so much. Nice job on getting out there and running the extra miles!

  8. THEY RECAST CLEGANE?!?!?! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?! Not cool. Also, 419 pounds?! What does this guy do when he gets too old to lift? That muscle's got to turn into something...

    I don't mean to nag at you, but if you're feeling beat and your leg's giving you the funnies, why are you ADDING (faster than easy) miles to an already mile-heavy plan? I think my body would have collapsed had I tried to push it any harder when I trained with Hansons... just a thought. I worry for you.