Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Solo Wednesday Run

Wednesdays I usually add a few miles the plan to have a fun run with Erin. Today some things got switched around so I went out solo.

I decided to make best and do the actual plan which just called for a 6 mile recovery run.  Over the last 24 hours I've had a bit of tightness/ache flare up in problem leg.  Nothing earth shaking, just enough to take note of and report to my physical therapist today.  I imagine it is just fatigue on a leg on the mend.

Got an extra 40 minutes of sleep due to the shorter mileage, although it didn't feel that much more restful.
74 at 4:50am, better than yesterday. Allergies have been killing me lately and I wonder if any of the breathing and dry mouth is due to it.

I had no pace goal, just get miles in without making anything worse.

Accomplished. Quiet run and only thing interesting was a dragonfly flew into my face and hit my nose.

Also forgot to mention yesterday, I saw 3 raccoon on the fence north of the tennis courts trying to flee my monstrous presence.

And now a few photos for you:

Where are you sending me dad?

Photo at the end of my run today

And as we all take time to reflect today the tragedy of 9/11, please also take a moment to hold those feelings, the sadness, anger, and hope and reflect on our humanity.  A humanity that is felt too sharply and heavily by many nations too often.  By a people with much less to lose, and yet lose more too often and  tragically, be it by war, terrorism, or the conflict trap. Take this moment and share your heart and try to relate to your fellow humans across the globe, not just the US.   It is a world media shields us from until we see humanity at its brink for survival and it can get scary.

Share your love today, we all need it.

Happy Pre Friday Eve!


  1. Very nice words, Declan...hopefully we can put them into practice.

    Looks like we will get some heat-relief here starting tomorrow, thankfully. Don't care for running in 100°+ humidity...

  2. Great words!

    My allergies have been awful too. I can't wait for the heat to break. I bet it was nice getting some extra sleep too. Hope your day off helps with the achey-ness!

  3. Pete B lakefronttrail.blogspotSeptember 11, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    So, where did you send your daughter? To Germany to get some sausages for you?

  4. Heat relief should hopefully provide for an upbeat run with easy speed!

  5. Thanks!
    Sad to see weed pollen will be getting worse, ACHOO!

  6. Shhhh you aren't supposed to say that, now USPS will return her ugh

  7. Today would be my daddy's 72nd birthday. He was only a year older than I am when he passed away. Even in the wake of the 9/11 tragedies I still always think about how awesome, fun, amazing my dad was. Your child is adorable!

  8. oh gosh!! Happy Birthday Mr Milf runner's dad!

    thank you for stopping by and the props to my spawn!

  9. thanks!
    Pandora is in the box, duh

  10. Your daughter is ADORABLE! Will she get mad if I squeeze her cheeks?

  11. Wow. Your 9/11 paragraph was WAY too deep for me. JK. It was really nice and eloquent and I appreciate reading something so thoughtful, with a message we should think about every day.

    What's in the box?

    I bet that extra sleep will help in the long run!