Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Sunday, September 15, 2013

These streets will make you feel band new

Second time writing this. First one got lost in draft...

I hesitated writing this post in the thought that I'll jinx myself. Since my run on Friday morning, I have felt... normal.. Like pre injury normal.. at least when I am not running. I walked around after my run Friday with that feeling I so dearly missed.. Feeling like I wanted to run again, not crawl into bed feeling like crumpled tin, hoping my body would repair itself in time for my next run.

I did my 90 minute physical therapy session, and then did my video gait analysis.

My review: I was already fatigued from my morning run and therapy.   They had me warm up then do some marathon paced miles. I was impressed by their stance on this.  They didn't want to push shoes, inserts, or doctors.  They wanted to see the problems and work with you instead. Good feeling to know they had no sales agenda.  The gait analysis therapist and my physical therapist talked about the inserts I bought and said that is basically to get me through the marathon if I find that I'm still getting strains without them. We'll see what happens!

Preliminary Findings: My legs, my right more than my left swings around and causes me to run with one foot in front of the other, causing the knee tapping and that fraying of the inside of my sneakers I find. Initial suggestions, increase my steps per minute by 5%, from 180 to 189 during my marathon pace, this should help me not have time to do that swing and fix up my pace.  I follow up next Friday to get the full analysis.

Saturday: 10 miles at easy pace per Hanson Marathon Method. I get out around 5am. And for the first run since July... I had no mountain of rough pain or strains to break through to run. I'm going to pause and let that feeling hang there...

I was normal, at least to start. A big mental relief.

I still had some periods of tightness and aches through my run, but that happens in all my easy paced runs.  I saw Mrs Fueling Strong as she started her CARA run and we exchanged our normal cheery hello!

Here are some photos from the run:

And for those of you who are here for a photo of my kid, here she is rocking her new fall jacket:

Only down side to the run, I focused too heavily on trying to watch my feet and how my legs were moving and flared up something in my upper glute. Some foam rolling has since helped.

Sunday: Cut back weekend, so just another 10 miles at easy pace. It was raining today and I started pain free again, which was great! My pace was felt fresh, and I just ran at whatever felt good for that mile, and ended with a sprint for the last few blocks which felt great. No blogger sightings today.

Will I be pain free again tomorrow?

Tomorrow is also Pint Night at +Fleet Feet Sports - Chicago , who is going and if so, at which location?

Now for your Sunday motivational picture:

I hope everyone had a great weekend and thank you for your feedback on how to race the marathon.  I have to fiddle around with the comfort level on the sliding scale of  enjoyment speed vs training speed, as it is my first marathon.. but I don't know what I'll do in the future for races.  I haven't found myself addicted to them yet. I love running, but I'm not sure I like races yet..

Edit: Also! BIG NEWS EVERYONE! Yesterday I went to Lickity Split for my 70th time Since October 2011 while checking in with the Belly Card! I'm kind of a big deal.


  1. That IS a big deal. I use my Belly Card at Chik-fil-A. A lot.

  2. I have yet to get a Belly Card ... should I?

  3. Pete B lakefronttrail.blogspotSeptember 15, 2013 at 5:57 PM

    Good news. No pain. You will blast the marathon to bits! I need to stop by the Lincoln Square Pint Night and get my shirt before the race on Thursday.

  4. Too bad they don't seel chik fil a sauce flavored beer

  5. Yea! Or the app. I've gotten at least 10 free items at Lickity Splity, probably more!

  6. stop by? you better do the entire night!

  7. Great that you got immediate feedback from the gait analysis. And also great that you're feeling better. Good stuff!

  8. YAY! Glad you are feeling better!

  9. Sounds like good news to me! I usually run at about 190 steps per minute when things are going right with my stride.
    Excellent dedication to custard my friend, I commend you!

  10. I hope the runs continue to be pain free!!!!

  11. woo woo pain free!! and just for the homestretch of the training season...

  12. Thanks! Hoping this sticks, would love to finish off training feeling strong again!

  13. I'll test out increase my stride, but kinda late to change up things this close to the race! This is where I tell people, don't matter I have long legs, I still gotta strike fast