Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Two days, two hot runs.
Monday plan, 6 miles at recovery pace. I took the day off from work to tend to some things.  This allowed me to sleep in and took the kiddo with me for my run.
That is a dragon in her arms
Nothing to note about this run.

Side note, I flaked on my physical therapy appointment. I thought I had it on Wednesday and Friday... Had it this morning... Woops! Rescheduled.

Later in the day we went to +Fleet Feet Sports - Chicago  in Old Town so I could get a run gait analysis. The recommended some Orange Superfeet Insoles for my sneakers which seem to work nice. Time will tell.

The kiddo missed her normal nap and with 95 degree weather... She started getting cranky. She fell asleep for like 20 minutes on the way home, woke up like the Kraken.

Tuesday, Hanson Marathon Method called for 2 x 3 miles at marathon pace minus 10 seconds, with a 1 mile recovery jog in between.
Got outside at 4:20am... 82, SW winds around 8mph. The air quality sucked hard.
My will was there, energy, strength as well... But breathing was shot.

The breeze was at my face both ways which dried my mouth bad and my lungs just weren't having it. I was tempted to switch today to my easy run and do the strength run tomorrow, but the weather would barely be better. Let's just get this done.

I managed to pull a few miles at recommended pace. But this run was better measured by effort. I won't bother giving you the screenshot of my splits.  On the second set of three miles, even doing marathon pace +10 felt like hell. I was giving it my all and the weather just wasn't letting me have it. Mental strength right?

I calmed myself mentally by telling myself how much time you can lose with heat. The run was a struggle for sure.

I reminded myself to live to run another day. The run was exhausting, but am glad it is done. Looking forward to Friday with highs in the 60s rather than mid 90s.

Another story I forgot to share, Friday on the way home from work, a lady on the bus came up to me and asked if I run... I was recognized from my morning runs! I'm pretty famous. She starts her run when I am ending mine. Autographs will be given folks.

Did you skip to the end cause it was too much to read? Well this is what the runs were like:

I'm going to nail this run hard...nope

Have a great day!

(P.S. I'm behind on my blog reading, I'll catch up soon!)


  1. Thank you so much for including a visual summary at the end - just as with books, I do tend to skip ahead :)

    That's cool that your tot and her dragon tagged along with you on what was an otherwise not noteworthy run. And I love my superfeet insoles! Hope they help you too!

  2. Yea - Definitely looking forward to the cooler weather on Friday - WAY too hot yesterday and today

  3. I didn't skip! ;)

    How cool that she recognized you! I mean, wait, "stalker alert!"

    Are the insoles for your street shoes or running shoes? I am assuming running, but you said sneakers so I wasn't sure.

    I like to think ANY running in this heat is good training and makes a cooler run seem easier... right? On that note, I am looking forward to Friday's temps, too!

  4. Seems like a bunch of us are behind on the blog reading these days...too much "life" getting in the way.
    I'll send a self addressed stamped envelope with a Stop Running Dad rookie card enclosed...please sign!!

  5. Pete B lakefronttrail.blogspotSeptember 10, 2013 at 10:17 AM

    Most important thing is to judge your run by effort. Why kill yourself in bad conditions just to hit an arbitrary number? A lot of factors can make us run faster or slower than that which we have in our plan. A lot of times, slower is better and like you said, "live to run another day". BTW, is that "Puff the Magic Dragon"?

  6. Kelsey @ Fueling StrongSeptember 10, 2013 at 10:18 AM

    The heat this morning was a bear. Actually felt nauseous during most of it. I guess on the positive side, the whole summer could have been that hot so thankfully it's just a couple of days.

  7. Great job with the heat! If the effort was there, it will pay off. It's frustrating but better that you didn't push too hard. The conditions today could really drain you for the rest of the day.

    I hope the inserts help. I have a set from RRS (the custom ones) and I love them. They've really helped me stay injury free and wear a lighter shoe which is nice.

  8. Sorry it wasn't a sausage related gif... next time .

  9. Ugh yes, and tomorrow! Run killer weather

  10. Thanks for not skipping!

    Stalker/Fan... i'll take it!

    The insoles are for my running shoes.

    Just like winter running, it makes the rest seem easy.

  11. Seriously life, kids, people, don't you know the internet needs me?

    I ordered a stamp with my signature!

  12. My numbers are arbitrary/!?!>!! MY LIFE IS RUINED!!!!

    haha puff is my dragon, that dragon is from ikea

  13. Glad I wasn't alone with the hating the weather. We did get pretty fortunate with the weather all summer!

  14. It better pay off!

    I just messaged my sports doctor to see if he will order a legit run gait analysis too!

  15. It's been way to hot this week. Weren't we supposed to be looking forward to cooler temps for running in September? I'm planning to do my longest run Thursday morning, the expected low is 55 so I'm looking forward to it!

  16. Seriously! Heat has killed all my paces by 20-30 seconds. Can't wait for the 50s in the morning. Good luck on your long run tomorrow!