Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wurst Runner Ever! (Video Gait Analysis Results) and some runs

I got my Video Gait Analysis (VGA) results on a CD Friday, and I figure I'd share the findings with everyone. Maybe you'll see some of the same errors? Solution: Increase cadence by 5% to not give myself time to make the errors and some exercises to improve my form (and hip exercises).

Knowing what I'm doing wrong makes me much more aware of it now when I run, although I don't want to change up too much before the Chicago Marathon. Form and speed will by the goal of the winter.

Now for the weekend runs:

Saturday I did an easy pace 8 miles with my kiddo in the jogging stroller.  No photos. I haven't been too happy with the return of the tightness/knot in my left calf again. Mentally frustrating after having a nice week. The physical therapist worked on the spot pretty hard too, so I shouldn't be surprised. The lady that did my run gait analysis also gave me more exercises and stretches to do. Who has time for all this?!!

Sunday: My legs were pretty tight again, so I spent a good 20+ minutes total doing dynamic warm ups, they seemed to have helped. 16 mile long run with Pete (The Lakefront Trail) was on tap.   My longest run with anyone and it was a lot of fun. He shared a plethora of run experience with me and was a lot of support for me. Then add his powerful speed, he kept me from falling back. We were trying to settle into the 7:40-7:45 per mile time frame, which would be a finish around 2:04 I think. We stopped at Navy Pier for a couple photos. Here is what we got:

Suns out, pistols out
I take serious pictures

Total moving time: 1:59:14 (7:27 mile average), total time with break, 2:02ish.  Hopefully the faster pace isn't going to hurt us. It felt nice and we were trying to compensate for the wind coming back, and compensate we did!

Also on a side note, Lickity Split is serving coffee flavored frozen custard, MY FAVORITE! 


  1. So your last pic of you & Pete makes me think we should do a Wurst Running Club Ever 2014 calendar and sell it for charity. Wurst Calendar Ever.

  2. Pete B lakefronttrail.blogspotSeptember 22, 2013 at 5:33 PM

    Great running with you. Woah, 7:27?! We went a little too fast overall and our second half was faster despite the stiff wind. Our last 7 miles into the wind were progressively faster from a 7:38 for mile 10 down to 7:08 for mile 16! Those runs will make us stronger for miles 20 to 26.2 in three weeks. Oh yeah and it's fun to run like that!

  3. You know you are officially a run-nerd when you enjoy analyzing someone else's gait. I'm sure that whenever someone gets their gait scrutinized so closely they wonder how they are even able to run without tripping over themselves.
    Before the analysis did you consider yourself a fore/mid foot striker or a heel striker? Just curious...
    Coffee flavoured custard...good thing Chicago is 400 miles away!

  4. It's always the hips....

    I must have missed you guys today! Did you deal with the CARA 20-miler craziness too?

  5. Aye! hopefully we bounce back easily! i got some flare up in a problem spot on my leg that PT is working on.. feels better running, but I limp if i am shuffling around lol

  6. Seriously! Overall, I'm not that off on my running, but now I'm hyper-aware of my every step lol

    I mentioned to Pete when we hit Navy Pier I was surprised we didn't see you either. We started around 8:45am at mile 0 up north, didn't hit the CARA stuff

  7. Hah yea. Now I'm all thinking, sh*t , I should have done this BEFORE marathon training. No time to fix this now. My winter plan.

    I think of myself as a heel striker from seeing race photos and wear on my sneakers.

  8. That gait analysis is pretty cool!

    And your sausage fest/gun show sounds fun! Next time you link-up, maybe I'll just ride down on my bike. That way I can hopefully keep up ;)

  9. I think I finished around 8:45 so that explains why I didn't see you! You're lucky to have avoided the CARA stuff. Smart planning.

  10. Kelsey @ Fueling StrongSeptember 23, 2013 at 9:33 AM

    I need to get a gait analysis done. My inner nerd is just dying to break it all down and improve more.

  11. Aww, yeah! I love that you and Pete ran together!

    And that gait analysis is BAD ASS! Schweet! How do you plan to work on form? I am in the "there's no way I can fix it" camp. LOL!

  12. Wow that video gait analysis is in depth! I know I need to work on my form while running but I just argue that I am not fast anyways.
    Do you guys chat when you run together? That's my favorite part of running with someone but if the effort gets too high then all I can get out is short phrases.