Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Friday, October 11, 2013

Easy Run and Marathon Contingency Plans

(does my title even make sense? eh it is a blog, who cares)

Today: 6 mile easy run. Again I went out with an off stomach. I've been running out a bit quicker than I do during the rest of my training, but as the distances this week have been short, I choose to just live with the icky gut.  The upside, it keeps me going REAL slow.

I've been seeing my buddy Mr V (Personal trainer) out with one of his clients, and he has been giving me high fives and a cheer every day this week with the count down. The lakefront path has been pretty quiet this week as well. This morning I saw maybe 5 runners. I saw thumbs up guy, a few randoms, and a lady (~my age?) that I've seen pretty frequently since last year. When I saw her this morning, I was curious if she was running the marathon, she said no, but wished me good luck! A dedicated runner!  Probably my last time hitting the path pre-dawn for a few weeks (I have a 3 mile easy run tomorrow, but I'll do it after I sleep in)

Before I get into the next part of exploring the darker part of my running mind, I end it with this reminder (replace lift with run)

Now for Marathon Contingency Plans. As I've mentioned before, these last.. 10 days I've had some rough tightness that won't go away through the middle/bottom of my calf, down to my ankle

Post Physical Therapy Edit: Therapist says I had a lot of tightness with my big toe flexor that goes up, crosses over my achilles, and goes up my calf. Explains the exact area issue. Says gripping and pushing off on my big toe will cause it to heat up. Just a really tired tendon.

When it flares, it is just one of those feelings that you say, damn that ain't right. Shin splints and knots are one thing, this is just.. off.

I imagine some of you are like, oh he goes again:

I don't feel it walking or easy running.  I noticed it BAD when I tested a one legged squat hold.  Therapy helps, but I've also stayed a good 90-100 seconds slower than pace for all my runs this week to stay loose and not flare it up. I'm trying to stay positive about it. That adrenaline, a long period of loosening up, a lot of rest tomorrow, and so forth will help.  Hell, I'm probably going to have to start taking Ibuprofen tomorrow afternoon to get as much inflammation down for the race, and bring some to the race. With all this, I'm just hoping I can safely get through the marathon and be mentally happy to do that.

So close to recovering fully! Everything else feels great. I feel very energized. I'm not afraid of the distance, just of literally popping (not bands) (and of course, runner's trots).  It doesn't help to have some taper crazies making me extra dramatic about it. I fully trust my training, I know I haven't lost my capabilities, I just hope I don't have to run on used duct tape

The most frustrating part is knowing my capability, how I'm about at 90-95% of it right now, but even maintaining that could pose an injury hazard. I really don't WANT to settle into a slower pace at any part of the race after spending 100% of myself nearly every day since March...

But you go into war with the legs you have, not the legs you want.

First marathon learning experience.

Could I be full of complete dramatic crap and have it just go numb and crush it Sunday? Totes.

Running through rehab brought me through a LOT of runs where my first 3-6 miles were painful pieces of crap, but I still rocked my runs. I'm hoping to use the experience to get myself through any flare ups (and more advil..)

I just need to get this down in writing, to remember this last step of the journey to the race.

Thankfully I'll be running with some amazing people (see Annabelle, Erin, and Pete) to keep me motivated to push through. I just hope structurally my body will let me keep up with these local running celebrities and not get lost in a falling pace and a crowd of strangers.. or this dark zone:

And I am thankful for everyone that will be out cheering for us and myself, including my wife, friends, family, and even my Physical Therapist! My reaction when I realize people are cheering for me!

And for those of you asking, umm where the heck are the pictures of your adorable daughter? Sorry! I haven't taken any this week, but she is hamming it up every night and is hilarious (and VERY SASSY).

And because this post has been rather doubting debbie like, here is everyone after running a marathon:

Now if you don't mind, I must go back to being on work without pay and look forward to the marathon expo this afternoon!


  1. I bet adrenaline will go a long way and once you push through any initial soreness, you'll feel great and rock the marathon!

    I'm heading to the expo at like 1ish today. When are you going?

  2. Hopefully!!! Just trying to mentally have game plans C , D, and E ready and not freak out if I have to do that.

    I'll be going to the expo after work. I imagine I'll get there by 4:30 (taking their free shuttle)

  3. Good Luck on Sunday! Hope to get a high five!

  4. Good luck on sunday! I'm getting nostalgic. I can't believe it's already been a year since I ran Chicago! You're going to have such an amazing time!!!!

  5. Pete B lakefronttrail.blogspotOctober 11, 2013 at 4:04 PM

    Great picture of your daughter on the swing. She is always so happy! Running celebrity? Wow, I never knew. I can't fail you now after you've heaped such praise on me! If we have to settle into a slow pace, we will still have a blast having thousands of people cheering us on! See you Sunday.

  6. What's done is done at this point...time to settle in and enjoy!

  7. Something is missing from this post.

  8. Good luck Sunday!! You're going to do great! I spy some Lickity Split in your future... ;-)