Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Saturday, October 26, 2013

More Dadness than Running

So what morsels of blog fodder do I have for you today? (does that even make sense? it does now)

For those of you that don't read more than the first two lines:

For the rest of you...
If you want to listen along to what I am writing:

I heard he got that hot new thing, it's called Switch
Friday: Easy 50 minutes of running. It feels... nice again to be running butt crack of the day early. I saw maybe two people in that time period.

I've been mulling over what the heck is wrong with my chest since the marathon when I suddenly couldn't suck wind like I was an air chicken head. (props if you know what I mean)

I just tossed it up to exercise induced asthma, and the week off after I felt normal. But now.. every day, the middle part of my chest up to my throat is.. tight.. jankie. It happens when I try to read to my kid, randomly in the afternoon and evening, and when I try to run faster than 8 minute miles.

Now we are listening to:
Oh I'm Party Starter!

It was scary initially, I started thinking. F............. is something wrong with my heart?
Nope wrong area.

Okay, less scary. Did I strain a chest muscle that is pressing on my wind pipes or whatever the hell that ish is called. I called my doctor's office and their first opening is Halloween morning.

At least this literally forces me to keep my runs slow. I'd be fibbing if I said I wasn't jealous seeing my friends hustling like they robbed a bank and been PRing 5ks  and running awesome tempos. (BRC represent!)

Watch whatever is wrong clear up by then. Oh well, I need a check up and flu shot anyways.

Next Track:
I'm writing this post.. Just to Get By

Aside from breathing, my left calf is still a mess. I'm pretty sure running the marathon on a LOT of advil masked a lot of issues and I'm set back a bit on progress, but I'm cool with it. Just gotta keep taking it easy with my runs and just get by until I'm healed again. Last year at this time I sprained my right calf to a rather unpleasant level, so tis this season I guess.

Also my reflection vest came in Friday!

Next Track!
Taking you on the Freeway

Saturday: Another 50 minute run. Almost a carbon copy of Friday's run. A few second difference, same distance, same issues. Except this time I got to use my vest!
Selfie when I got back from my run!

Next Track and genre! Watch these bloggers jump when I get loose!

We went with the Erin and her daughter. Here are some images from the day:

There are a few more photo's on my wife's phone, stay tuned for more!

Almost done track: Watch out for that Big Truck!

This evening all the moms in the new moms group my wife attends are having a ladies night out, so I'll be hanging with the dads and kids.  Will any of them want to talk about running or the Chicago Bulls? I hope so..

OH YES! Annebelle (See Fluency's Folly) alerted me yesterday that the Dr. Who 50th anniversary special would be in theaters on 11/23!

 We totally scored tickets to go! I can't wait!
I'm counting down the days

Lets roll this post to an end:
Take a descent with me

 Tomorrow is the dessert crawl in Andersonville! Last call to let me know if I should look for you, I'll be making this face!

Your face as you finally finish this post:

Now go ahead and tell me how horrible this experience was:


  1. YES! A Nic Cage gif! I hope your chest thing clears up before you appointment and that it's nothing serious. At least it's helping you stay smart and not rush back too soon. My goal is to head out for an hour or so tomorrow morning. I can't wait!

  2. Dude, there is definitely no way to miss you with that vest!!!

    As for the chest thing, so weird but maybe a visit to the doctor?

    Love your daughter's costume!!

  3. I'm playing catch up on the blogs so this may cover your past few posts. Glad to hear you took it easy post-marathon. I was jealous of everyone getting back to running so quickly but I know there was no way I could do it. But now I'm back to the early mornings. And I'm sure you'll be happy to know I've recruited some support for my pink flashing light. While I don't have your super vest (awesome photo!) I think I'm more visible now.
    And finally, I'm looking forward to Dr Who too! I was worried I'd have to give up my Dr Who when I moved here (it was on the public TV station back home) but luckily it all turned out OK!!

  4. To your last line I say: TWHS! Bahahaha!

    Lil' Smokie is pretty cute as a cute, and even cuter hanging out with the mother/daughter princesses.

    Chest muscle pain always freaks me out - like did I strain something or is all the sausage finally catching up with me? I hope it's nothing too major, but definitely smart to get it checked out!

  5. Haha i knew you'd like it!
    It seems to be clearing up a bit! I still want to know what was wrong though! I don't want to experience it every marathon.

    We need to do a run sometime!

  6. Haha I know! Now I just need more people to see me! it is creepy to see people running in the dark and just look like shadows.
    Doctor visit on Thursday!

  7. Take a photo of your new light up display! How far north do you run now? With my new run start, I'm not sure how often I'll be making it farther south than Fullerton when it isn't Sunday.

    Dr Who fan?!! I didn't know! BESTIES!


  9. Pretty much have that line on recording, cell phone ringtone even.

    Yeah! I am overdue to see a Doctor that isn't a sports doctor.

  10. Yay for your new reflective vest!!! Where did you buy it!?!?!? (Did you post more details on it and I just missed them?) Sorry to hear about the chest pain - I've experienced some chest pains in the past and it's very scary. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that it is nothing serious!

  11. Aww, I love your daughter's costume!

    The chest thing is so weird! Let us know what you find out from the doc!