Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wurs(t) Moving Day, a Good Run

Lots of stuff to post, but I'll try to condense it and actually read ya'lls blogs too (if you have one).

First Topic: Moving
We were only moving about a mile away. The issue yesterday was due to building management. I had lived in a condo building, so I had to schedule my move out time with them. Another lady had the morning blocked off from 8-12:30.  This means the freight elevator and the alley was at her domination for the entire time.  I asked the movers (I think Windy City Movers?) throughout the morning if they would be done in time. Of course they said yes. NOPE! They weren't done and out of the alley until almost 2:00pm. I had a quick trip to our new place with a light amount of stuff, including our TV for Comcast installation.

This late start sucked because - I only had help for a finite amount of time and had a limited time with my U-Haul. So once 4pm hit, I had to call U-Haul to get my time extended. Unfortunately my muscle help had to go, so I was going to have to pick up the slack. My wife had her mom and aunt in to help out, and they really did a lot too, but I can only ask them to push so much.

At least my kid enjoyed the move (see - didn't listen to anything we told her to do)

Fast Forward: We didn't finish moving out. I had to take a break to get the kid's crib back together by memory and had to undo it once as I mixed up half my screws. I also missed lunch and got at least a sandwich and yogurt near 9pm. My legs were toast by 10pm, I had trouble just shuffling. At least I got our bed together too. We did forget to buy the rings for the shower curtain (we had a glass shower door previously), so this morning I had to try to not get the entire bathroom wet.

Hopefully we can finish up the move on Saturday.. Why Saturday? Next Topic.

Government Shutdown:

Some of you know, I am a federal government employee. I do at least get to go into work and get IOUs. Bad part is, you can't take any sick leave or vacation time, it all is changed to leave without pay right now. So moving on pay. Thankfully, I was told if I made up the 8 hours by end of week, I can get my full IOU. So that means a few 12 hours days to wrap up the week... Gross. I especially feel bad for my wife stuck with a new home full of boxes and bags, and one restless child with no help. blah! It is also why I have to wait until Saturday to finish moving.

Tuesday was a scheduled 6 one mile intervals at 10 seconds below marathon pace, 400m jogs in between, and I did a 2 mile warm up and 1.5 mile cool down. Last run from my old building.

I had the plan saved in my Endomondo interval trainer, and I decided to boot it up, but not have on the notification of how fast I am going. I was just going to do effort or the miles, I didn't want as much speed pressure. During my warm up, I didn't feel anything "bad", just fatigue and some soreness in my calves. I stopped to stretch to be safe, and then gave the run a go. It turned out rather well, but I will admit I cheated and looked at rough start and end times of my miles on my stopwatch. Here were my splits:
6:56,43,50,53,47,50 . I was able to keep then from going wildly too fast, which was nice for a chance.

Wednesday: Recovery speed 7 miles. After yesterday's intense run, and being on my feet almost all day moving, and the lack of food intake, I was WIPED out for this run. So I just did it really easy. First time running from my new place felt odd as now I have to learn all my new distance markers. I also need to find my phone armband and my red LED light for my last hard run Friday (well, do the miles or do the plan), then taper starts officially this weekend for the Chicago Marathon!

Still a lengthy post, but as short as I could make it. I'll get on my blog reading in my breaks today! Take care all and thanks for commenting as always!

And if you need a funny video, 8 stages of Marathon Running:


  1. Pete B lakefronttrail.blogspotOctober 2, 2013 at 11:05 AM

    Yes, condo moves are never fun when you have to reserve elevator and time then hope your movers arrive on time. It almost never works out as planned. Sorry to hear about the furlough but sounds like you are still working. Yay, taper time! It sounds like you could use the break about now! :)

  2. Oh man, everything about your move AND how the shutdown is affecting your week just sucks. I'm so sorry. I didn't even think about how a move would go in a building with an elevator, since I've only lived in one of those once (and at that time, could fit everything I owned into my Jetta!). But the story about the crib assembly reminds me of my husband having to dis-assemble and re-assemble his crappy old entertainment center every time we moved, and how it always took a few tries.

    Nice even splits yesterday, and good to hear nothing feels too bad :)

  3. Ugh - I feel your moving pain... Went through all of that fun stuff a year ago... and Condo Boards... Oh so much more fun (note sarcasm).

    Oddly - We both posted about moving today...

  4. this is where Mike saw that video that he sent me was a good one!

  5. MOVING IS THE WORST. That's why I always just throw my stuff away and buy more once I move. Unfortunately, this only works if everything you own is junk and you love wasting money.

    Didn't some congressman say just yesterday that "a government shutdown won't impact anyone's life?" Yeah, buddy, keep dreamin'.

  6. I hate moving. I only made a 2 mile move, down the same road, and it was agony. I think the shorter trips are ten times worse, for whatever reason.

    This government shutdown is ridiculous. I hate that the military (of which my bro belongs) will have their checks delayed. If anyone should be deemed "essential," it's the people with the guns who defend our freedom. Certainly not Congress. Ok, I'll stop ranting.

  7. "working" yes, production contingent on IOU pay lol

    I want a sausage break

  8. it's okay, It could be worse right? I be me last friday having a complete drama queen melt down.

  9. i saw! im sure i have one more post about this by weeks end

  10. haha glad I could supply useful videos to the household! I hope you enjoyed Chicago

  11. seriously, by dusk, i wanted to call my wife and be like , lets just THROW IT ALL AWAY! I AM SO DONE.

    I love working for IOUs, they are good in all private markets right?

  12. YES! i wanted to chuck our stuff too.

    Won't impact anyone's life that makes giant contributions to their Super PAC. only people that matter.

  13. Moving sucks. We hired movers this last time and I think it saved our marriage. Apparently I have "weak marshmallow arms." SORRY I'M NOT A 6'4 LINEBACKER LIKE YOU, HONEY. (That's directed at my husband.)

  14. No I saw it on Twitter and was going to post it on the weekend wrap...damn. Still going to use it though, it's a good one!

  15. Sounds like a crap move...Rhoda just moved yesterday and it had its ups and downs too. Moving just sucks.
    Nice pace on those intervals, nice to run by feel now and then.


  17. Finishing our move Saturday! You're the one with the BQ ready legs! BURN THOSE MILES!

  18. Remind me never to go to the "gym" with you. If that's what you call it.