Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Running House that Ikea Built

Quick blog to tell you about all my...adventures lately.. they all ended with this look obviously:

Actually no they didn't. I've been assembling way too much stuff from Ikea (still not done), but after finishing a 38 page set of instructions for a TV stand, this was me:

But getting to this senses of accomplishment, there was a lot of this:

Now to the running portion of this blog:

Saturday: Easy 8 mile run. I ended up going out for my run around 1pm, as we finished moving in during the morning. It was 80, sunny, humid, and just way too hot.
Bye old home
Sunday: Easy 8 miles with Pete and Annabelle.

Temperature was 55, and we may or may not have coordinated out outfits.

Monday: Easy 6 miles. Temperature 44 degrees. I feel like I've ran through multiple seasons in 3 days. Only thing bothering me is a nerve or some tight spot in the middle of my calf, probably just from never really kicking back for a good week. Keeping an eye on it.

And I just want to use this gif.. maybe it can be for what Congress is doing or everyone's mental fight with the taper?


  1. That series of gifs re:Ikea may just be the perfect summation of the entire Ikea building process.

  2. Pete B lakefronttrail.blogspotOctober 7, 2013 at 11:00 AM

    We will have to coordinate our outfits from now on. Next time will be on Sunday! Speaking of Sunday, get ready for a showdown. It will be epic!

  3. Hope you had a chance to get "settled" on Saturday morning!

  4. I feel your pain with the Ikea assembly...

  5. Do we have a colour scheme picked out for Sunday? Hope the weather is more option 2...80° and humid would seriously piss me off.

    You somehow left Lickity Split out...twitter gave you up!

  6. Saturday was stupid and I did not approve of the weather. At least it's looking like it won't be quite that stupid on Sunday (although if the meteorological community and The Weather Power(s) That Be could all collectively agree to just stop even thinking the word "thunderstorm," that would be delightful. I'll take rain, but no race-postponing/canceling thunderstorms, please. I did not train 18 weeks and suffer through taper to have thunderstorms thwart my hard work!). I have yet to experience the unparalleled joy that is Ikea shopping/assembly, but judging by these gifs, I'm not missing out on much.

  7. Ikea is where souls go to die.

  8. Obviously you coordinated outfits. You all could only look better if those were blue dirndl shirts. Why weren't they?

    I think we only have one piece of furniture left from IKEA (after giving away a couch, a TV stand getting ruined while we moved in the rain, and a wardrobe that couldn't handle being disassembled/reassembled several times), but yeah, that's a huge pain.

  9. Plz include more Ryan Reynolds GIFs