Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Thursday, October 17, 2013

More Chicago Marathon 2013 Photos and Random Thoughts

Stop! Before you look at the pictures, did you read my last post about the Dessert Crawl at the end of the month? No? Go read!

Okay, here are some of my favorite photos from the marathon official photos, most of which I have already floated around Twitter and Facebook:

Sprinting to the Finish
My first thought:  This is the finish line right? I am stopping right now.. wait I finished? TWSS

The Fast and the Furious!
Too Fast, Too Good!

Mandatory Superhero Flex
My face half the race as I looked to see where Annabelle went

Not much farther!
I really enjoyed the experience and journey. I feel most of the soreness fading away, leaving only pain/aches that I had to muscle through during training. So for now, I'll be taking it easy. I probably won't do a jog until Pint Night on Monday, then just take it easy with my runs until I feel my tendons and issues have resolved themselves.  I'd like to get to feeling 100% again before I start going hard again.
And just because:


  1. I confused your looking for Annabelle face with your looking for a toilet face

  2. I feel a lot better today too although my right hamstring is being stubborn. It always feels good to rest the first few days post-race but I'm starting to get antsy to go for a run.

  3. Rocked! But the Bale animation is the best.

  4. I always enjoy a Christian Bale gif.

    And I think your looking for Annabelle and/or a toilet face looks like something is about to attack you. Was a giant tofu sausage coming your way or something?

  5. both have a deep sense of urgency

  6. You'll come back stronger and faster! 3:15 next time :)

  7. American Psycho with Bale was epic!

  8. don't ever say tofu to me again like that