Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Last Rest Day before the Chicago Marathon!

The last rest day before the Chicago Marathon!

Random topics. First off, read Annabelle's post on why Running is HARD. Great read and much better supported by training events that my daily musings and debauchery.

And one thing I'm taking with me from this training, aside from follow your training plan and don't hurt yourself like I did, is that your body is capable of amazing things.  The things motivation does for you, gets you out of bed.. before 3:30am just to run at 4:00am. Why? because you can. Because you are bad ass.. Because you owned the paths before most people every took a morning piss. Don't think you could do it?

This is also how tired I look by the time my kid goes to bed. YOLO? (I think I used this gif before..)

Maggie, stop looking for more Ryan Reynolds GIFs, I will not give you what you are looking for


Few more gifs to cover up for my lack of writing ability:

What a lot of runners will look like when they realize that they are going to break more than wind at mile 18:

My face as I eat carbs all day:

My reaction when someone compliments my sneakers as I have on dress slacks today:

And with all the goodies you bring for the marathon, don't forget to bring one of these:

And if you actually want to READ something, check this:
What is your running mantra?

Okay, I'll catch up blog reading soon!

Take care and Happy Friday Eve!


  1. I also am wearing dress slacks with sneakers (Karhu's!) today1 Also, I just laughed so hard out loud that I spilled coffee on my freshly cloroxed desk (I'm a bit paranoid that here in my last day of work pre-marathon I'll catch a 3td plague). I was laughing at the shart gif. Because my co-worker saidto me the other day "maybe you should re-think the yellow shorts, just in case, you know, you have an accident".

  2. "your body is capable of amazing things" - YES!!!!

    And also.... TWSS.

  3. I love The Office gif... I'm sure we'll see some of that on Sunday.

    It's sooo close!!

  4. Pete B lakefronttrail.blogspotOctober 10, 2013 at 12:52 PM

    Running mantra for miles 20 to 26.2: "This is what I'm paying for..."

  5. Good luck this weekend! You're going to kick some major ass and I can't wait to read about it :)

    My running mantra: "don't blow your load in the first 3 miles" or "just fu$&ing GO" - the later when I'm hurting near the end of a race. :)

  6. Okay I'm clueless...what's the last picture of? Is it a fetal pig you suggest bringing? Or an electric wheelchair??

  7. Wear brown shorts then?!! Finding suitable gifs is almost as hard as running!

  8. only if it is a strong sexy body, otherwise it is just capable of eating sausage right?

  9. haha yes. Hopefully it is someone other than us!

  10. this is what I'm paying for as I trusted a fart way more than I should of

  11. Fetal pig! Essential protein loading

  12. Debbie @ healthy running momOctober 12, 2013 at 7:49 AM

    Enjoy the rest! Enjoy the run tomorrow!!!!!!!!

  13. Another stellar post! And not just because of the Ryan Reynolds GIF. OK, maybe solely because of it.