Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Monday, August 5, 2013

Regenerating into a new week of running

Another quick post since I know you have better things to do than read long blog posts on a Monday right?

Last night I went out to Edgefest with the wife and kiddo, and met up with another great mom and her daughter. We typically don't stay too late at festivals as we usually start thinking - bed time getting close for the kid and she has to eat, yada yada. But we weren't far from our building and the kid is old enough to live it up, so we stayed later than 7pm, crazy right? We were able to jam out to 16 Candles. Here are a few photos:
HURRY! The Music is starting!

Lets Dance!

16 Candles

This morning's run was 8 miles, recovery pace. I forced myself to a slow gear to make sure that I didn't use up my legs at all. Thankfully it worked out and I stayed between 8:45 - 9 minute miles. My legs were a bit tired, but thankfully the aches from yesterday were gone.

Here are a couple photos from this morning's run:

I didn't see anyone whose name I knew, but I saw lots of my normal morning wavers. Total volume of runners on the path was low though. Gnats were still up and partying. The basketball courts had people playing on them by 5, and around 4:50 I saw two kids who couldn't be more than 16 walking with a basketball as well... would not approve.. 

Two random running thoughts: 
What are the most popular running shirts you see when you go out? I see a LOT of Solider Field 10 mile shirts, Chicago Marathon, Chicago Half Marathon, and Ragnar.

And do you have any odd mental blocks on eating? I often feel that unless I run for at least like 10 miles, I didn't really earn that much more food.  The number has gone up in relation to how many miles I do a week. That isn't to say I don't eat more, I just feel guilty about it. I do need to do a better job on bigger lunches, but I'm pretty lazy and have a PB&J every day..

And in non running news... Yesterday BBC announced who will play the 12th Doctor in Dr Who! Peter Capaldi was in Fires of Pompeii, Torchwood, and in World War Z he was "W.H.O. Doctor". And here is a fun video of some potential attitude we could see in the new doctor: (Warning - Swearing)

So that wasn't so short.. (TWSS)

Leave some! Have a good day


  1. Around here I see a lot of Forest City Road Race shirts, not too many other ones that stand out.
    I'm similar with long run days I feel like I earn it, but any other run I just consider "normal". Usually just have a salad or tuna sandwich for lunch, but I run at lunch and I can't eat big right after a run anyways.

  2. Sounds like a good day. I'm excited to see the new doctor, I was never really able to get in to the last one - a little bit too much of the YOLO generation for me or something I dunno - this guys seems to have promise though. Could be a bit more like the harsher Eccleston style that we didn't see enough of.

  3. Yup! Busy busy. Tot ate like a bird all weekend. oh well! I liked when tennant went sans traveling partner and they had those 2 or 3 episodes of him getting a bit darker and into his own power.

  4. Funny how if you actually add in the calories (at least on my end) I need to eat like 3500 calories a day average, up to 4000 or more half the week. Maybe i'll drink some Ensure lol

  5. My legs were tired this weekend too. I'm not sure what did it, maybe the mile repeats last Tuesday? I ran today easy and I'm hoping I feel good for tomorrow's speed work.

    I tend to eat the same thing during the week but throw in some extra snacks if I'm running longer than usual.

  6. Could be the mile repeats then hitting the MP. Guess this is where it gets Hanson serious! That's what I kept thinking.. gotta recharge for intervals.
    Thanks for commenting!

  7. I ran with my group on Saturday morning. Three of us are doing this for the 6th year and all had dead legs. Glad to have a recovery week this week. I love the partying gnats. That's a great way to look at them!

  8. Hmm! It is roughly the mid point to a lot of 18 week plans for people prepping for the Chicago marathon. Maybe that is it? Glad I wasn't alone!
    thanks for commenting!

  9. Nerri @ LaPetiteRunnerAugust 5, 2013 at 12:04 PM

    Your kid is too cute! I don't see a theme in the running shirts around here but on my old stretch of greenway I'd see a lot of Bull City Running sponsored race shirts (the running store across the street from me). I get the food mental block thing - although during my marathon training I ate anything and everything (even in the middle of the night!). These days I don't think "regular" running merits much extra food - long runs need pre and post fueling though ;)

  10. thanks! She better be cute to make the terrible two's better lol

    Love the middle of the night snack! I think peanut butter is my running sponsor by now

  11. We never have better things to do. We're bloggers.

  12. haha. It is a sickness isn't it! Your sign in name started me at first! Love it! Thanks for commenting!

  13. One time another blogger (I think, Charlyn?) posted that they counted which shirts they saw on the path, and I think SF won! There is no consistency way out where I live! ;)

    Interesting question about the food! Yeah, it's not until about 12 that I feel like I should eat more. I think, because anything under that feels easy (since I don't push myself, ha). It's funny, because back in the day I would carb load for my first 5K, then for my first 6 miler. Derp.

  14. I should make a posts about shirts v skins at varying temperatures!

    Glad you are on my team about eating! but have to be careful not to starve the beast! deeeeeeerp

  15. I see a lot of Shamrock Shuffle shirts too. It makes sense that the shirts you see the most correspond with the highest registration rates. So in Chicago that's probably the marathon, the Shuffle, Hot Chocolate, Chicago Half, Rock n Roll, Solder Field. Although the Chicago Marathon shirt last year was UGLY, probably because Nike wants you to buy their other merchandise, which is always way cuter. (And it worked - last year I bought two additional shirts.)