Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tale of two legs

Monday and Tuesday post here.

Monday, stayed home from work to tend to so things.
6 mile recovery run, and it was very much that. I got to start a little later, which also meant I got to see the sunrise again.

My first two miles were about 9 minute miles, then then warmed up a bit. I kept my focus on my posture, and as I did, my pace improved. I ended up with ~8:15 average. My legs were pretty tired all day. I have been diligent with my stretching, which I hope is helping.

We stopped at Ann Sather's for lunch and of course we had to get some sticky buns:
They crayons were mine obviously

By day's end, my calves were ready to give up.  I was a bit worried about the status of my legs, I hoped I had a magical sleep that gave me new strength and spirit.

Name the movie

I had trouble getting out of bed this morning. It was one of those mornings where your brain breaks through your motivation and loudly says, why do this.  You are so tired.  Go back to bed. Your legs were so sore yesterday. Skip the run. This isn't worth it.  Just stop this all. Take a break.  Who cares if you do the marathon? Relax...

Not today my friend.  I had my Captain America moment.

Dramatic? Yes. Fitting, hell yea

I eventually got up and had my coffee with sugar.  I kept having the feeling that trouble would approach me if I started my run too quick today.  I paced around the house, trying to see if something more was brewing inside.  I was right. It took me almost an hour from waking up to get out the door. I started at 4:40am, late start!

I adjusted what I could for my run to get home in time to stretch and not be late for work.  I shortened my warm up to the 1.5 mile minimum and same for my cool down.  I still stretched at the Foster for about 5 minutes.

Hanson Plan called from 4 1.5 mile intervals at 10 seconds below marathon pace and with roughly half mile recovery jogs in between. GPS was good most of the time, although for one of my miles, the first half said I was doing a 7:15, the second half a 6:45, effort stayed the same.  Double checking my times on Endomondo, I hit all my splits pretty well.

My legs felt really good today. I was very surprised as the last few days they were sore. Not hurt, just felt like buckets of nope. I had no fear with my left leg today which was great, I hope that continues.

Granted, it is taking a bit more out of me to do these run paces than a month ago, but I'll still take it!

And with that, it is time to work aka eat all day.

Stay strong my friends!


  1. Yay for the legs feeling good! Gah, 1.5 repeats sound awful...although at just below marathon pace, that is not too bad!

    I have never seen a pic of the Ann Sather's cinnamon rolls. They do look delicious!

  2. I think the fact that it's taking more effort to hit paces is a sign that cumulative fatigue is working! My motivation has been lacking the past few mornings as well. I think it's the peak in mileage and just general fatigue. I would love to sleep in... until I'd realize that I missed my run! Hahaha.

  3. Ann Sather sticky buns... the vanilla custard you had earlier this week... your chocolate lasagna... Kim's vegan chocolate cake... Maggie's doughnut milkshake... sigh. It has been a tough week for my sweet tooth to behave itself, with all these ideas! LOL

  4. The heat made it a lot rougher than normal. The return trip was a bit more difficult! I'm behind on my blog reading! I'll get to yours soon!

  5. Lets hope this is the fatigue before our awesome running storm right?

  6. Pssh who behaves anyways? Good teeth never made history

  7. Oh my gosh... those Ann Sather sticky buns look amazing... *drools* Nice job getting out there despite wanting to just sleep in!

  8. they are worth a trip to get a few to go!!

  9. Nerri @ LaPetiteRunnerAugust 28, 2013 at 6:39 AM

    Those sticky buns look RIDICULOUSly good. However, I immediately thought of this, which I think you'll get a good laugh out of:

    Or just be offended. But I'm banking on what I take is your sense of humor ;)

  10. LMAO!! I almost spit out my breakfast laughing!! thanks