Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nothing to see here folks

So I entered into that lovely blog field of - a runner that can't run and has to cry about it.

I debated to even type anything, but as this is a journal for me, I'll write down my feelings just to look back to down the road (to make fun myself probably).

If you want to read someone that approached this more reasonably, read here.

If you were to have talked to me yesterday, I was mentally freaking out. Unless there is something super seriously wrong, I'm sure I can finish the Chicago Marathon as an okay time. But for me, I'm not about okay for the race.  I'm not a frequent racer. I want to own the race and know that was the best I could do. An injury even setting me back a few minutes off my goal times really ticks me off.

I'm trying to mentally be okay with any outcome.  But I won't be obviously.  I don't want an experience of finishing, I want an experience of being proud of it relative to what I know I should be able to do.  Should this marathon not work out right, who knows. Next year looks to be less friendly for running 60-70mph after the spring. I may settle back to just running to run, or try to work on getting a sub 1:25 half by the end of 2014. And any injuries wouldn't hurt as bad mentally then.

Woah now Declan, you've rested two days total, this isn't the end of the world!

True true. One day at a time.  I'll come back to reality.

At least today I haven't had tingling sensations in my foot... yet. I'm hoping that after 3-4 days, I can have a normal day and try to get some easy runs back in. The idea of  losing countless hours of sleep and training to this messes with my mind. Granted 7-10 days off is only like 2% loss of ability, that is still two too many.  But I won't be stupid and try to come back too fast.  I'll do my best Derrick Rose rehab mentality, minus on demand trainers and doctors.  I don't like waiting four days just to get a PT referral that will probably take another 3-5 days.

But to look at the positives:
I'm sleeping 7-9 hours a night, rather than 5-6.
And less laundry I guess.

I'm trying to slow down my eating in case this turns long term and start thinking about places to cross train. Hopefully I'm being a drama queen and I'll be back running a lot sooner than I think.

I'll happily call myself a cry baby.

On the non running side, I'm hoping tonight is less cloudy than last night so I can try to go out and catch the Perseid Meteor Shower.  (see here)

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!


  1. ChristopolisTiberiusAugust 11, 2013 at 3:42 PM

    Feel better soon! And thanks for the Meteor Shower link! (Wish my alarm didn't go off at 4:45 AM) :(

  2. Being injured sucks. And it totally messes with your mind. But I'm sure it will all turn out fine - a little rest can go a long way.

  3. Hey, we ALL write downer posts when we can't run. It's what we do! There's nothing wrong with that. Also, I've found that I tend to miraculously heal right after writing a whiney blog post about it (probably my body's way of making me feel extra dramatic), so maybe that same magic will work for you. Good luck!

  4. Pete B lakefronttrail.blogspotAugust 11, 2013 at 7:27 PM

    Welcome to "Injury Jail". Population: 2, You and me. Anyway, just chill, see what the doc says and when you get better back off the mileage a tiny bit. Better to undertrain than overtrain. You will do well even if you are a tad undertrained. You are just like me, overdosing on mileage and doing the Hanson/Brooks leg abuse program, which can lead to injury. Just ask Desiree Davila. Anyway, I wish I could just practice what I preach... Get better, then kick some ass in October.

  5. First, often when I run in the morning, by 5pm I want to run again because it feels like I've taken a rest day. So, I agree, 2 days off feels like a week, and 3-4 will feel like a month. That's a good sign, it means you are compelled to run and have chosen the right goals! But you are absolutely doing the right thing and you'll benefit more from it physiologically, because recovery is a coy bitch.

    Next, when are we going to run together so I can knock some sense into you're fracken skull? (Also, we can talk about Sherlock...which I shall finish tonight)


  6. "I don't want an experience of finishing, I want an experience of being proud of it relative to what I know I should be able to do." -- spot on. I know exactly what you mean, which is why when people say that you'll do fine and it's a big accomplishment to finish blah blah're just upset knowing you could do better. I'm the same way for sure. The thing is though, you have suffered an injury...therefore temper the expectations a little, enjoy the rest, and then finish up the training as strong as you can so you can own the race come race day. Zero shame in that and you can feel proud of it relative to what you know you should be able to do.

  7. Thanks! Bummer that it is so cloudy out :(

  8. I already picture myself gaining like 50 lbs in 3 days. Totally possible right?!

  9. I'll write more angsty posts every day until I recover so hard! I might even link some Lincoln Park videos! that is pathetic enough right?

  10. who will drop the soap?
    I'm 99% sure this happened when I did hill work the day after doing intervals. Then I kept pushing through another week of hard running, thinking the aches were just part of the game. woooomp

  11. "Woah now Declan, you've rested two days total, this isn't the end of the world!"

    But on the other hand, how long have you been running 6 days/week? I'm sure not running everyday is probably a huge adjustment, and I know I'd be worried about losing my conditioning. But sometimes it's better to take a little time off to avoid hurting yourself long-term.

    I know that we have completely opposite philosophies on racing - each to their own there, but you may want to start preparing yourself for the possibility that your original time goal won't happen, and perhaps even consider adjusting it a little? Then you can totally exceed your expectations!

  12. Is Moriarty real?!?

    I am the same way, after an early run, I want to run again by the evening! or even 2 hours later.. or whenever I see another person running!

    When I feel good for even 1 hour during the day I think.. I should run..

    We'll run when it is dark so you can't swing at me that hard! Once I'm back moving sans pain, I'll hit you up!

  13. Glad you can feel the ego too! Now no matter what time I get, if its like 30 seconds off some even nicer time I'll say, it is because I missed a 2-4 runs, totally..

  14. hahah. I'm still keeping my dream goal, unless my doctor says otherwise. Day by day! otherwise I'll go crazy

  15. Nerri @LaPetiteRunnerAugust 12, 2013 at 12:07 PM

    If it is any comfort you seem to be more rational than I am about injuries (being injury-plagued, I know how crazy I am). But that's like saying my fine motor skills are superior to a 2 year old's, so it's probably not all that reassuring ;)

    Glad to hear that you are feeling less of the tingling and I hope you are back out there on that lakefront path soon!

  16. Hillary @ Tongue in ChicAugust 12, 2013 at 1:47 PM

    Sending you speedy recovery thoughts, my friend!

  17. hah thank you! It is very forced rationalization. I set a scenario I have to meet before I'll run again to try and keep myself from trying to run again just because I'm very antsy.

  18. Gracias! Keep up your awesome training as well!

  19. I hope you are just being a drama queen too, and the doc has good news. I think it's good to write out these fears though, instead of hide away.

    Whatever the outcome is though, I know you will find a way to make it work so you retain your fitness and get back on track! I have a feeling running (working out) is a huge part of your sanity and you need that! :)

  20. I'll wear a crown while running if I end up being okay quick!