Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Musings

Hectic few days here at the Stop Running Dad household, aside from being in running jail and begging the injury warden for a fast release, there have been a few items of note to share.

Today (12 August) marks the 5th year anniversary of my father's passing.
     (Last name removed), ALBERT J 
    DATE OF BIRTH: 03/26/1928
    DATE OF DEATH: 08/12/2008
    (508) 563-7113

Without going into details about feelings and such, and I know he reads my blog from the afterlife, I just want to say - I miss you dad. You still had so much to share with me and I wish you got to know my daughter.

Also, on the brighter side of things, over the last few weeks, the household has been in a bit of apprehension over my daughter's health, and having to see some doctors no parent wants to their kid to have to see.  Thankfully, it was a scare that was based on a precaution and nothing was actually wrong.  So today was the closing of that chapter.
I will knock you out!
Yay I hit him!
We're also in the fun process of looking to move in the next 30-45 days. We plan on staying pretty close to where we are, just want to move out of the mid/high rise type building for a few reasons.

Trying to stay positive while injured, I thought of two things that are good about it: My Clif Shots will last longer now as I have no reason to use them, as will my running sneakers.

Injury Status: No change, maybe a little flakier today.  I really haven't been off my feet for most of the last few days, so I'm sure that isn't helping.  I'm hoping I woke up one of these mornings and I can at least get a 30 minute jog again.  I'm pretty sure I will get this fat by week's end:

I'm backed up on my blog reading, but I will get to them! Or at least your most recent post, promise!

Have a good one!


  1. Wow, lots going on in your life. Glad to hear you are staying in the area. Hope you are back on the trail soon. BTW, that last pic is disturbing!

  2. So weird to see a nighttime post from you!

    It's cool to think that your dad is reading your blog and still keeping up with you. And how scary about your daughter! So glad it's nothing - I wondered a little when I saw that super cute pic of her and a stuffed shark.

    Are you looking for a smaller building? We've been in 2 and 3 flats for the past 5 years, and I love living in a small building, and especially having a yard (where else can I make my husband grill 60-70 sausages to feed all the bloggers?). Hope you can find what you're looking for!

  3. Wow - Sounds like a lot going on - Hope everything works out and good luck on the moving front!

  4. Us Southcoasters are thinking of you this week.. take care and you'll be back to harassing me about mileage soon enough!

  5. I would think that your dad enjoys reading the blog...I'm sure he's proud of you and loves to see the pictures of his granddaughter.
    Glad that it was just a scare with your tot...we went through the same thing with Kennedy years ago and it isn't easy to see your child like that.
    Clif Shots have an expiry date you know, so don't get too comfortable on the couch. Don't want to end up like Mr Creosote...

  6. I'm very glad that everything is okay with your daughter. It sounds like you have a lot going on right now but also a lot to be thankful for.

    I hope you get back to running soon. Injury jail is no fun!

  7. Happy to hear that everything is okay with your daughter! I don't know if you believe in... hmm... coincidence? LOL. But I think it's meaningful that you got that news yesterday.

    Good luck in the home search! And in getting out of running jail!

  8. My schedule is a mess right now! I'm off of work for a few days to tend to some home things, so I don't really get much of a breather to blog and read blogs until 10 minutes before bed!

    We are looking into a place that is 3 flats. Crossing out fingers!

  9. South coasters?! Did ya'll move to Florida? But thanks! I hate not having any miles. Runkeeper is mad at me

  10. that video is EXACTLY what is happening.

    Checked the date for the clif shots, I have until June 2014! Thanks for the heads up, I didn't think about that

  11. Thanks! we are too.

    I better get back to running soon so I can eat more frozen custard!

  12. :) thank you. It is a journey with the kid for sure!
    We put papers in for one place, I hope we get picked!

  13. Southcoast of Massachusetts, silly.

  14. Praying for your recovery Declan! I can't imagine you NOT running this marathon.

  15. Jeeze now youre in injury jail? I hope its not contagious! :( Hoping for a speedy recovery to you!!! (im so behind on blogs too... YAY work for getting in the way of life! hehe) I am happy that your adorable tot has a clean bill of health. And i'm sure your dad is proud of you and your family.

  16. So happy that your daughter's fine! That's the worst feeling ever. I wish our parents could live forever to see our children grow up, but I believe they know & are watching :).
    Good luck with finding a new place. You'll need this extra time that you're getting off from your injury because you have a lot to do- there's always a bright side!

  17. I'm obviously behind on blog reading too!
    Glad to hear everything with your daughter is okay! It's good that you are staying pretty busy while you couldn't run, but I guess you are back at it now. Hopefully you can stay injury free for a while!

  18. Glad to hear your kiddo is OK!