Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How much do you Om Nom Nom when on a break?

Question for those of you still hanging around here while I'm on a running hiatus:

How much do you modify your calorie intake when you are on a (hopefully) short running break?

I'm trying to cut down my calorie intake until I can start running again, but I haven't done a good enough job (see visit to Lickity Split last night for frozen custard and a cupcake). My appetite has only dwindled a tiny bit, and I don't know what line to follow for eating.

If I knew this was going to be for an extended period of time, I would work harder on redoing my diet to keep from ballooning. I also know that I don't always do a good job of eating all my calories, so this won't kill me.

I guess I'll find out the time frame this afternoon when I see the sports doctor! *Crossing fingers*

Subjective Injury Status: I'm feeling a bit more towards the "I could" run, but not sure enough of the "I should" run. My legs are generally stiff from resting. I backed off from stretching as I still think I pull my hamstring more doing stretches last week.  I am itching bad to try out a small jog, but would hate if that set me back more after this break (longest running break I've taken in over a year).  Still some random tightness in parts of my thigh that isn't normal, so we'll see!

Happy Pre Friday Eve!


  1. Good question about food. I generally eat as if I'm *not* exercising on any given day, and then add in a little more when I do (either post-run snacks, or let a little loose on the weekend). But earlier this year I definitely fell into the trap of eating a LOT more because I was working out, but not enough to justify all of the extra calories (some, but not all!).

    Feeling like you "could" run is a good start! My trainer gave me a good rule of thumb on injuries - once you feel like you're ready to get back out there, wait a couple more days. I've ignored that advice only to get re-injured and have to take another week or so off, which is extremely frustrating. Today is your appointment too? Keep us posted on how that goes!

  2. Pete B lakefronttrail.blogspotAugust 14, 2013 at 9:50 AM

    I read somewhere about an elite runner (Mo, Meb?) who takes a few weeks off every year and gains like 7 to 10 lbs. during his break. He doesn't care, because he knows once he starts training again, the weight will come off. So, I guess would not diet too much. You will eventually lose what you gain. Your body may need the extra calories as it repairs any damage done. Plus, who can say no to custard and cupcakes? :)

  3. Just be smart about what you are eating and you'll be fine. It isn't the cookie that will kill you, it's the bag of cookies. You'll be back running soon enough and any extra lbs you put on should melt right off...unless the bag of cookies got you ;)

  4. Must burn caaalories!
    Hopefully I get some news of any sorts so I don't listen to my anxiety to run over my body!

  5. pretty sure I put on 20lbs in 4 days. Possible right?
    I think custard has magical regenerative properties!

  6. but... i think frozen custard is pretty smart to eat... right? It has eggs and milk..
    Bag of cookies you say? I must test that

  7. When I can't workout due to injuries or what be it I just eat based on when my body is hungry. Your body does a good job of telling you when it needs food, so when the stomach growls... feed the beast! Also, sometimes your appetite will increase with injury because it's trying to repair. Just be smart about what you eat! Try to include so anti-inflammatory foods like: olive oil, sweet potatoes, salmon, ginger, garlic, and green tea.

  8. I actually lost more weight when I took my extended break from running after last year's marathon. I knew I wasn't running so I didn't think I deserved to shove my face with food (read: sweet treats).

    Now that I'm training again, I really don't watch what I eat at all, which is a bad thing. But, I know I'm burning it off so I don't really mind a little weight gain. And, muscle weighs more than fat, right??

  9. Ever since I started running, I have tried to work on portion control. I do that even when I am not running and I find that I do not worry too much when I am not running.