Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Download Almost Complete

I went out today for the schedule 10 mile run at long run pace per Hanson Marathon Method, which should be about 7:40 minute miles.  If you have followed along, I have yet do that, I always go too fast.  I thought today would be a good day to try to do that pace... but I didn't.

As I no longer feel like a rusty trombone, I felt like I might have somewhat better legs today.

I woke up at 5, had a cup of coffee and gave myself about 90 minutes to shake off the morning cobwebs.

Aside from getting my legs nice and limber again, I am regaining what paces should feel like. All I can say is, all this from just a few days off? I obviously have mental issues working against me.

I went out and felt my left leg start to feel a tad tight, I was thinking - wow, I really can't hit any pace.. this isn't good.  I didn't turn my GPS on, so I was just going by my stopwatch.  At the .9 mile marker (.5 on the trail) I looked and I was at 6:10 for time.  Well no wonder, I was busting speed when I should just be warming up.  I spent the next few miles just trying to fall back into place with my normal running, which didn't happen until about mile 5. I was still doing 7 minute miles until then.  I slowed down enough that my end average time 7:24 minute miles. Closer to prescribed pace, but slower than what I usually do. (Prior 14 mile run was done at 7:15s).

So my self reported progress is such:

Leg Strength: 95%
Wind: 95%
Form: 90% (knees are tapping once in awhile which hasn't happened in over a year, and my right leg is still compensating a bit)
Speed: 90% (trying to make sure I don't stretch my hammie post runs, which leaves me a little tight)

I'm happy with the progress considering how I felt in my first couple runs back.

I need to force myself to slow down these long runs though, apparently my ego is too big to let me do that alone.

Tomorrow is an easy 8 miles.  I'll be doing a portion of it at Pint night at Fleet Feet. Will I see you there?

And some Sunday Photos:

I also tried something new at Lickity Split today, I got a vanilla frozen custard, mixed with a red velvet cupcake, and got a shot of espresso in it!  It added a good UMPH!

I hope ya'll had a good Sunday! 


  1. Your legs are all "YAY! BACK AT IT!!!!" Think they will let you do that recovery run tomorrow? :)

  2. Lincoln Park Zoo? We took the kids there a few months ago...Michelle was amazed how great it was, especially since it's free (my favourite thing about it).
    Stupid Lickity Split a chain or a local place? I've never seen one in Canada and you sure make it sound GOOD

  3. Mr. SRD: SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!!! Unless this system works for you, in which case I'll shut up. But I really do think the Hansons prescribe certain paces for a reason. I'm glad you're feeling better, though! Knees tapping = hitting each other while you run?

  4. They so are! Like breaking off a shell with every run!
    I feel good so far today!

  5. yup! The Lincoln Park Zoo.
    Lickity Split is a local place. A gem in our hood!

  6. I'll try!! I'm going to have to use a GPS next weekend for the 16 mile run to make sure I'm going at the right pace.

    Yeah, the knee tapping - once every few miles they slide against each other. Happening less often with each run again

  7. very much! It is a HARD choice. the lemon cupcake with vanilla custard is DIVINE! as are the other ones.. I think I might do a vanilla with an oreo cupcake and an espresso shot next time!

  8. Every time you mention Lickity Split, I tell myself I need to go there. One of these days I'll remember to.

  9. Careful! the place is addictive. I'm sure i've spent a small fortune there and got them through rough times.

  10. Nice combo. Can't go wrong with red velvet + vanilla. Now the espresso has me intrigued... Must go to LS again!

  11. very much! It is a HARD choice. the lemon cupcake with vanilla custard is DIVINE! as are the other ones.. I think I might do a vanilla with an oreo cupcake and an espresso shot next time!