Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Friday Run

Going through the blogs I follow, I see a constant stream of food pictures, be they healthy or homemade.

Well here is my run fuel the night before a 9 miler.

Went to Dak (Korean Chicken Wings- BIG WINGS) then to Lickity Split for a Crazy Cake frozen custard ( vanilla custard blended with a red velvet cupcake - Frozen custard blended with one Flirty cupcake of your choice... frosting too, topped with candy sprinkles).  No photo of the custard taken as I inhaled it like a hungry vacuum!
Spicy BBQ Korean Red Pepper Paste

 Just gotta say, dang. I'm doing a remix of Trey Songz 2 reasons to - I only went out for two reasons, custard and the wings.  Also learned my daughter does not care for Korean BBQ yet.... More for me!
That was race fuel if I ever had some.

Fast forward to 4:40am,  up and get ready. Low 40s for temp. Now this temperature range is like the puberty of running weather, you deal with a variety a body adaptations.  A little chilly to start, but not enough to warrant more than a base wickering layer, and you build a decent sweat by the end of the run.

Today I extended my run to 9 miles, so speed wasn't on the menu.  I went out thinking of what would make this run different, but it was just the ideal run.  It's the reason why I run.

A gorgeous moon to the west, and the awakening of the sky to east with a color palette that would inspire any painter.

But wait, there's more!

Friday magic and the undeniable awe of the morning touched every runner. I never had so many people wave, smile, nod or say hello during a run. Even got doubles from people as we crossed doing our loop backs. Can we be Facebook friends?

I think Chicagoans are itching for the nicer weather and break out of the cabin fever. We all want to enjoy Chicago after earning our due from the long winter and chilly spring.

Keep running!


  1. The nicer weather must be making people more friendly! I know I said hi to every single person I passed on my runs in Hawaii, because I was so happy that the sun was shining and it wasn't 30 degrees out. So here's hoping that it's actually as nice as they say it's going to be this weekend!

    That ice cream sounds awesome! I've had Flirty cupcakes on their own, and they're so good and decadent. I can only imagine mixed in with ice cream, mmmm. And I lived right there in Edgewater for years - where was this place then??

  2. Been lots of changes lately! the Ice cream place is about a year old and has been doing great! They are putting in a gym where the fabric store was. Redoing the library and some new places popping up!

    I still think the best gem is the Waterfront Cafe! since they changed management, the quality is much improved!

  3. I ride my bike up that way a lot in the summer, so I'll definitely have to check that out! I moved out of the neighborhood about 5 years ago, but I know it's been changing a lot since then.

  4. I love Korean BBQ! So delicious. And yes -we are definitely itching for that warmer weather. It's so nice out today!

  5. I only recently discovered it! I've had BopNGrill up by Loyola, now Dak!

    Can we all work outside today?