Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Post Zombie Gut Check

Continuing from my previous post [pub crawl yesterday], I spent my morning with my toddler and trying to recover as fast as possible from my heavy (for me) day of drinking. Gatorade, lots of water, a few small snacks, and pepto.  Kid goes down for a nap, game time.

I feel a bit uneasy, unsure if I'll have to cut my run short (13 mile day) or if my stomach would have issues.  I can't skip the run, I can't let alcohol and my own debauchery ruin the day.

Get outside, sunny, strong wind from the south. Guess the hard part will be first, and it was. I went through cycles of indegestion, feeling smooth, and feeling totally unsure if I needed to do something unsightly.  The wind in my face for the first 7 miles just sucked.  The wind definitely affected my breathing and in turn my stomach.

Turn around time (Michigan ave if you are following me - at the 6.5 mile marker on the trail).

Wind at my back! Lets do this, no cash or bus pass on me. Dig deep and go home.  I feel like I've slowed down to make sure my stomach isn't going to revolt.  I give up hope on having  a decent time and don't check my watch for my time.

Keep running, feels good, the pace must help.  Finish, stop watch, kept it under 1:34, respectable.

I always wonder how I'd do if i tapered for a week and did a race. Not sure what my actual 13.1 time would be.

Feel better after I run. Got some life in my. Still need sleep and slightly hungover, but at least I got the blood pumping. Until tomorrow!

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  1. But it was worth it, right?? I've thought about changing blog name to hungover on the lakefront trail, but I am just too lazy....what doesn't kill us makes us stronger! (Said someone, one time....)