Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hope runs eternal

I went to bed last night contemplating joining a run for Boston run with some area group today. Most are starting around 6:30pm, and after this last weekend, its just not going to work.  After talking with my wife, she was kosher with the idea of at least joining a running group every week or two.

Get up today 4:45am, mid 40s temp, just a little brisk to start. This jog is for Boston, now if I can only Boston qualify.

The day after a long run is always a slow run where you practice patience more than anything.  As expected, there were not many people out. Some regulars, one even changed it up and tossed the peace sign up for me.

Note: if you see me out running, wave, I treat morning runners like jeep owners treat each other. You get a wave, and you get a wave (Oprah voice).

Stomach still felt a little off, better today than tomorrow. I'm a really weak drinker apparently.

And what good is a slow run without taking in the scenery.


  1. We wave around here, too. At walkers and the people that drive by us!

  2. There's one in Lincoln Square too, off the Western Brown line stop. But there will probably be more runs, and there's the Muddy Monk/blogger one on 06/15 if nothing else!

  3. For sure! I hope you make it out today! the weather is gorgeous for once! I'm already trying to prep for a rain run in the morning boo

  4. Yeah, thought about fleet feet in old town. I know there is one around Lakeshore and Monroe as well, and Universal Sole is doing one. Wish there was one a little farther north!

    Oh the greasy food sounds great. I think its back to normal now! At least it better be!

  5. I'm having the same thoughts about doing a Boston run tonight too. Were you thinking about Fleet Feet? That's at 6:30 as well, and one of their stores is not even a mile from me, so it'd be really easy to join in, but I'm jetlagged and exhausted so I don't know if I can make myself do it.

    And it sounds like you might need a little hair of the dog! :) Or some greasy fast food. Both probably sound horrible if your stomach is off, but they seem to do the trick for me.