Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Running with all of the lights

4:45am, alarm turns on your running brain.

4:47, fend off the siege to put you back to sleep. A hard fought battle, but running prevails again. Flawless record.

Suit up. Game plan review, 7 miles at 2 minutes slower than pace. Easy day.

5:05 out the door. LED light turned on and clipped to arm. 6th run in 6 days, no stopping now, feels good man.

Jog to the street lights and car lights, get into your mental escape.

Turn to lakefront path. Dark blue sky giving way to the red breath of the Sun.  Nobody running first two miles out, did I miss a memo?
Finally see someone, world is right again.
Shadows take life with every minute as dawn wakes up.
Keep my legs in check, run slow or die trying.

2 miles from home, all of the lights turn on in the sky. LED light off. Sun on.

Get home , clean up, catch bus to work.  See people running and smile, then frown. When can I run again?

A minute before sunrise

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