Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Funday

After my zombie debauchery last weekend and slightly slower pace, I told myself Monday I would focus on getting a 1:30 the following Sunday long run (13.1ish miles).   I told myself all week it would happen.  Saturday comes around, and a little kink fell into the plan.  My morning run went fine, but then I took a walk with my wife and daughter to Andersonville, my left calf started to cramp. The cramp lasted almost all day, I used a sleeve on my calf a few times during the day, and tried to keep off it.  I guess I didn't think about the fact that I upped my miles again this week either.

Got my best sleep of the week last night, about 8.5 hours! Sunday I get to sleep in while my wife gets up with my daughter.  Got up at 7:45am, and first thing I thought of was how my leg would feel when I stepped on the ground. Cramp gone! But felt a little tight now on the side. *sigh*

Did my morning routine to prep, unsure if I would even be doing my full miles today.

Time to go out, put on my sleeve for the heck of it, did it help? Didn't hurt. Left calf just felt like a dull ache off and on. Monitored it for any actual pain feeling or overcompensation. After 3 miles, felt like I would be good to go, just not going to be hitting 1:30. (Start singing Money Miles over everything)

Saw my outfit of the day out around mile 4.  Guy had on vibrams, tech shirt, and... cargo shorts. SO CLOSE dude! The chafing must have been horrible after.

The Lakefront path was packed, which gives you a lot of people to aim for to make sure you don't slack off.  The weather was nice, low 50s, very cloudy and foggy over the skyscrapers. Although as I write this, the sun came out, and it actually looks nice out. So much for a chance to tan!

On the way back, a guy popped on the lakefront. The moment I saw him, size, body structure, clothing, I knew he was going to be very fast.  And he was... I mentally told myself it was okay since he just started and I had about 2.5 miles left. Once he went up to speed, he was probably running about 6:30s. I don't have that in me at that point.  Once I finished, and was walking to the waterfountain, he looped around, I waved and he gave me a thumbs up.  It was a good day. And my leg feels fine.

I got home and my face felt tight. A sure sign of warmer weather, salt lines. Tried out those jelly belly sports beans after my jog, man are they sweet. Cross those off my list.  And since this post needs a picture, he is my salt lines of honor:
Don't worry, I hydrated plenty after!
Keep running!

Did you run today? How did it go?

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  1. Today was a great day for a run!