Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Of Zombies and Runners

[Note: Recap of Saturday]

Saturday began with sleeping in to 5:15! what a difference 30 minutes can make. It was a crisp run, 30 with a 20 something windchill.

The view at the start of my run by the beach
The lakefront path was extra icey, anything pavement that was even damp, was slick.  This was nature's way ensuring I stayed at my slower pace speed.

After my run, I got changed and went to a local Chicago Park District location to wait in line for two hours to get my daughter signed up for toddler and parent gymnastics! Ran into several other husbands from the new mother's group my wife goes to, who signed up for the same class.

Now the preparation for the debauchery begins.  The Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl was happening today in Andersonville.  This is my one day I let myself be a little very stupid, drink more than a couple beers, and be a zombie! It is my fifth year doing it.  Hopefully I'll find more photos, but here is a fuzzy one.

Fast forward to when I get home, I provided plenty of comic relief to my wife and mother in law, and proceeded to fall asleep three different times after the kid went to bed.

Now here we are in present time, prepping for the long run. I'm leaving later than normal since my toddler is having some major fits if she leaves my hip.  No rest for the wicked or zombies.


  1. Awesome zombie picture!!! Good lord, it blows my mind that 5:15 AM is considered sleeping in for you. No rest for the wicked or zombies, indeed, but way to accomplish so much on a beautiful Saturday!!!

  2. This does not look nearly as fun as the dessert crawl you were talking about.