Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Don't be so quick to run away

Another quick blog post via my phone!
Got up for my morning run and had to wait to go out for more sunlight. Since there is like one streetlight every mile or so, I would be asking for a bad time running on the side of the road  before there was enough light.

Easy run pace today, enjoying the elevation changes. Weird seeing so much road kill. Not sure how far I went, GPS wasn't picking up fast enough for me and bugs started to pick up my scent. Ran for 70 minutes. Around 8.5 considering my easy pace. Only part of the run here I don't like is the loose stone covered road with cars flying back, kicking up pebbles at me, ouch!

Near the end of my run, I ran into the chickens I saw yesterday and took a video. After I stopped the video, the squawker in the video got mad and started to chase me. Woops.

Today is the big family BBQ! Gotta earn the calories to burn tomorrow. I'm making a sangria float for the party.

What ya'll doing today?
Anyone else still do early runs on vacation?


  1. Cars kicking pebbles up at you sucks! My biggest fear is that they're going to hit me in the eyes, so I always have to shut mine for a second while they pass. Very safe.

    Nice pictures! Someday I'll wake up early enough to see a sunrise.

    Enjoy your barbecue!

  2. That second fog shot is incredible. I'd love to run in a place like that - sort of reminds me of the places I grew up in.

  3. Lauren @ Lauren RunsJuly 7, 2013 at 2:21 PM

    CHICKENS!!! You should put that on Vine. Isn't vacation running fun?!

  4. haha, I was correct and told the big white ones are turkeys! THEY ARE ALWAYS MEAN TO ME!
    Thanks for commenting!

  5. it was nice to run! The hills wore on me over the days, and it got a bit lonely. But a nice change of pace for a few days

  6. I covered my face with my arm when the faster cars went by just in case!
    Sunrise is getting later again! You'll get your chance!
    thanks for commenting!