Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

#WRCE and Intervals

Yesterday was an unusual day for me:
First, I slept in! 5:10am! holler.
Second, I moved my run for the day to the evening so that I could run Pint Night at Fleet Feet in Lincoln Square with +Maggie MagMileRunner , Anne @ Anne Really Blogs, Pete @ The Lakefront Trail, and Amy (blog unknown to me).
Here are some photos! (All photos  from Maggie and Pete, Maggie has recap of the night up here and Pete here)

Stop and Dance!

Run details: I usually like to do slow miles (8:30+ miles) on Monday and around 6 miles for a recovery run after a long run. I ran to Lincoln Square from my place, which was a little over 3 miles. I ended up doing that in a shade under 8 min miles. 

Once we met up at Fleet Feet and set out, I was able to run for about 10 minutes at a time with Maggie, Pete, and Anne, which was pretty cool.  The first 1.5 miles were done at about 17 minutes I think. At the half way point Pete and I were up to team up for some distance and I, being a fool and a guy said, hey want to hit the 2nd leg hard? Fully knowing needed to go slow and have to get up at 4am and run intervals in the morning, I still thought it would be fun... it was. We did the next 1.7 miles in about 10 minutes, woops. 

When then went up to the Grafton, and the link for Maggie's post on the night recaps it nicely. It may or may not have been filled with horribly awesome jokes and the birth of a new running club - Wurst Running Club Ever! 

I think we need this photo on the back of our club T-Shirts.. I'm just saying..

Anywho, the evening was fun! Thanks to my wife for watching the kiddo for 23 out of the 24 hours yesterday!

This morning I set my alarm for 4am to get myself ready for 4 x 1200m intervals. My legs felt tired as expected. I towered my expectations for the morning, plus the humidity didn't make it hard accept. I ended up going about 15 seconds slower than my goal time, but my effort was at near max. I lost track of the amount of intervals I had done, and thought I had one more during my last one. So I tried to leave a little in the tank for it, and then I heard my phone go into the 3 mile cool down beep, nice.

I also saw Mrs. Fueling Strong this morning for the first time on the path not on a Saturday morning, being her super friendly self, she shared a nice hello and wave. Next time, I'll have to put out the side five!

Here are two photos from this morning at the same point, just about an hour in between:

I'm a little worn out right now, with the two sets of runs in 12 hours and probably not the best fueling strategy. It is also my weights and core day at the gym in... 3-4 hours, ugh. Nap time PLEASE.

Tomorrow: 10ish easy miles, I swear I'll do them easy. 

That should be enough blog for you today! I'm still behind on reading blogs myself. Promise I'm getting to them!

You ready for the muggy runs again?

Do you want to joint the WRCE?


  1. can you ever take a serious pic? lol

  2. Haha, love the comment from your wife.

    I think you mean Wurst Running Club Ever - remember, as a nod to our love of sausages. I'm leaving that one out there. But I'm glad you could join us last night!

    I can't believe you ran again so soon though! And in this weather! Ick.


    My second photo is kinda serious!

  4. I have a race tonight... This is going to be brutal in this weather...

  5. typo fixed!! thanks.
    You guys and your sausages...

    I'm worn out now lol

  6. yikes! yes. Bring a bag of ice and just jog it with a little fan!

  7. Great to finally meet you last night. Nice job on the intervals in this muggy weather. I am still recovering from last night's fast 1.7! See you Sunday.

  8. You are hard core! I did not do all of my speed workouts this morning because I have a 5K this evening. I am trying to take it easy this week for the half marathon on Sunday.

  9. Wooohooo intervals in the heat and humidity! It looks like this week is going to be rough but the mornings this weekend should be cooler! Finally!

    I somehow managed to schedule my only (so far) two-a-day on the hottest day we've had yet. Oh well, at least tonight's 5k is for fun!

    The beer run looks like a good time too!

  10. Sharkie Runs Lucky 13'sJuly 16, 2013 at 7:16 PM

    Hi! I finally wander over here, and I find an awesome new running club too?I would join WRCE in a heart beat! Especially if there are awesome t-shirts. Looked like you guys had fun despite all the humidity!

  11. 4:00 am?!?!?! How are you a real human being?! Those are some pretty intense miles-you're an animal!

  12. Likewise! Wanna hold that 6 pace for the half with me>? haha

  13. Sometimes the intervals end up being effort intervals rather than speed with the weather! I'm not an amazing finish SUnday, I am letting it be my long run. Still will give it a good go though!

  14. I still have to catch up on your blog today! So hopefully you had a fun time!
    You'll have to come out to one and join the club!

  15. Thanks for visiting! We are a pretty gnarly group! Do you have twitter? seems like that is where our current talks are right now! You're more than welcome!

  16. I hated it the first couple times, but now I find it gives me time to wake up more and start by 4:45 with better legs! Just gradually get to the time rather than jump to it.


  17. Wurst Running Club Ever is the BEST. Looking forward to our next outing!

  18. It's humid in the morning and it's humid at night. I can't do anything but easy runs right now and those still feel really hard.
    I'll join the Wurst Running Club!! lol!