Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Friday, July 19, 2013

I Won't Be Your Dragon Hero Baby

Set my alarm last night for an early start this morning. I wanted to have a LOT of time to let my coffee settle. I woke up no problem, got my coffee, did what we all do, and waited. Looking back, I was ready to go by about 4:25am, but I waited until 4:45am to leave. I wanted to be super sure that no surprises were waiting for me once I got outside.

I checked the temperature and it was 83 degrees at this ungodly hour. I had 2 goals for this run
  1. Don't be a hero and overheat.
    Not today Enrique
  2. Go slower than last Friday (Was about 15-20 seconds too fast per mile)
The plan was for 10 miles, 1.5 warm up, 7 marathon pace, 1.5 cool down. Body felt a little tired this morning, probably needed a little more sleep. I am trying to hold a little bit back with my effort for Sundays Rock and Roll Half.

You may have noticed, the kid in me likes to think of action movies and violent cartoons to motivate myself for days I want to go hard. As I'm holding back a bit, but keeping my suggested miles, I decided to think of the Hulk.

I'm hoping Sunday turns into something like this:
I'm always Rangry
I gave myself 15 or so extra seconds per mile window of error for the heat today. The first half of my run was about on pace, but I felt like I was getting a bit too hot. No need to be a hero.. yet. 

There were ZOUNDS of dragonflies on the lakefront between Belmont and Fullerton this morning. Only one hit me, but it was pretty amazing. I was expecting to see Daenerys Targaryen by the path, commanding her baby dragon army.

On my loop back, I tried a new power gel or something like that, green apple flavor with caffeine. It was waaay too sweet, more like a green jolly rancher. I was able to stomach it, but I still like the honey stingers better. I think I'll end up getting more of the stingers. 

I stopped to take a picture for you guys at Belmont, but as a result of pausing for about 20-30 seconds, I lost my pace and never really got that stride back, so you better enjoy the picture!

The temperature was 5 degrees cooler at 6am that 4am, that was not what I wanted to see! But oh well, better than 96.

Speaking of hot weather running, kudos to all the ladies that ran the Esprit de She run last night! Ya'll killed it!

That is all I got this morning. I'll be getting my packet and ish for the RnR this afternoon after 4, will I see any of you there?

Did you see the dragons?


  1. Nice job with the tempo! There was actually a breeze this morning around 6 when I headed out that made my run much more tolerable than yesterday. I can't wait for the weather this weekend though. I kind of wish I'd signed up for RnR... Sunday's looking like perfect PR weather.

  2. Ya, the breeze out of the south was nice for a slight cool off. The breeze up near Loyola area gets strong (All year wind up there) and was such a relief.

    I kinda wish I could make myself taper off for Sunday. But as my area to hit is 1:27-1:37, I can manage that pretty easy. But a sub 1:27.. not on Hanson time haha.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. It's a great picture! Totally worth stopping for.

    I'm going to do packet pick up tomorrow so I'm not carrying my three bags of work stuff.

  4. Good plan! Every extra ounce of effort carrying things in this heat is no fun!
    Glad you liked the picture!

  5. A 4:05 AM wakeup call!?!?!? Good lord. You are MOTIVATED!

    I went to the RnR race expo this afternoon right when it opened at noon! Very much looking forward to the race this weekend - the weather will feel heavenly after the 90s we've had all week!

  6. Debbie @ healthy running momJuly 20, 2013 at 9:30 PM

    Good idea to get up early & get yourself "ready" for you run. But, ouch, that's really early! Have fun tomorrow- should be good weather! Can't wait to hear. I've already done 3 1/2's this summer, so I'm not doing it, but am a little sad that I'm not. Can't wait for the race recap!

  7. So many awesome references in this post. I DO appreciate the picture, for which you so selflessly sacrificed your end-of-run pace.