Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wind it up

Easy day today. Doing what I can to have a little something extra in the tank tomorrow for the Rock and Roll Half. Click here to cheer me on at mile 10 !

Short story, last summer my goal was to hit a sub 1:30 half by this race. I was doing about 1:37-1:40 on my weekly half. I have yet to taper beyond getting sick, but I did the sub 1:30 a couple months ago during my weekly long run. Pressure off, and know I can do more now.

So for tomorrow, I'll line up with the 1:30 group, run with them for half the race and then decide if I want to hang, speed up, or slow down. As long as my time is under 1:37, I'll get my corral for the Chicago marathon. The next time up is something under 1:27, which won't happen mid Hanson training. Gotta keep my eyes on the right prize.

This morning, my plan called for 10 easy miles, then 8 tomorrow. So I switched it a bit for the race, 7 slow miles today, and then the race tomorrow.  The weather felt nice today, with a welcome drop to the humidity and low 70s temp. And there was a little damage done to the path as well:
A Female Ent
That is all the running stuff I have for you today. Going out to breakfast with another set of parents and their daughter and some odds and ends to be done today. Going to have some Gino's North thin crust pizza tonight! Yum!

Will I see you tomorrow at the race?

Weekend plans?


  1. Good luck with your race tomorrow! You are going to rock it! The temps look great for running! You can run a 1:37 easy! As for me, just got home from my long run and have a 5K in my neighborhood tomorrow. Good luck again and can't wait to hear how it goes! :)

  2. Thanks! hopefully it is a fun time!
    Good luck with the hood 5k!

  3. Good luck Speedster dude. I'll be eating your dust. Which corral are you in? Hope to make the meetup tomorrow. We'll see what time I get there.

  4. See you mañana! I'd love me a 1:37 in case I actually race Chicago this year but unfortunately it's not in my plans. (But shhhhhh! If I feel good I might just go for it! Haha)

    Hope you get your goal!!! Just stuff ice down your sports bra to stay cool ;)

  5. Haha. I'm sure you'll be the darkhorse and show me up! I'll be in corral 1. I'm hoping my ego doesn't make me burn more than I should.

  6. woot! we'll all feel good with the weather tomorrow!

    I am stuffing frozen peas down my sports bra, once they melt, instant snack!

  7. Pre-Race Pizza - NICE!