Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Monday, July 1, 2013

Recovery Run and Recovery Post

After I went hard at my run yesterday and an extra long blog post, I'll make this one easy. 6 mile recovery run today. Felt nice, 60 degrees, went slow. Took a picture of the sunrise once it broke through the clouds:

Last night was uneventful. My daughter was in a MOOD after a late nap, threw a fit if you even looked at her. Eventually she was in a better mood and relaxed to a nice pop up book:

She also left some of her toys next to my bed stand..
Planning how to kill me in my sleep
At the end of my run I saw something horrifying! A MURDER!

of crows.

There was a circle of crows up by Hollywood talking about which condo they should hang out at and gawk at all day to annoy the poor humans.

And that's all I got! Enjoy your day!

And in case you want to comment and don't know about what.. Here is a question for you -
Do you feel the running blogging community needs more guys posting? Am I missing some wealth of active guy bloggers (at least in Chicago area)? Or are we just generally pretty boring and give up?


  1. I think the blogging community in general needs more male bloggers!

  2. I wonder if they are more into the cross fit and #doyouevenliftbro blogs? This is a great outlet to keep me from talking about running non stop to my coworkers. And of course, "meet" other runners!

  3. Oh man, I can't wait until my kids can nicely read a book. Right now they really just want to eat them, or tear pages out :(

    I have no opinions on what kind of bloggers we need. Active ones, I guess - of either sex.

  4. My daughter LIVES in books. I swear she has a library. We go through phases of having to hide them just to do something else for a few minutes. Trying to go to the bathroom? Oh now is a good time for you to read to me daddy! lol

    And as long as the bloggers are as sexy as us right???

  5. I'd love to see more dude bloggers. I only know of a few, and always kind of wonder why more guys don't take it up. I keep trying to convince my husband to start one, since he's already attended a couple blogger meet-ups with me (um, one was at our apartment, so he didn't have much choice), but he doesn't seem interested. So thanks for being among the pioneers in male running blogging :)

  6. Today was perfect for a recovery run. Finally, lower humidity!!

    I'd love to read more guy running bloggers. I think the perspective and different training would be really interesting.

  7. I think guys are often looking more for stats, competition, and maybe more gym stuff than running? I don't see many guys open to posting a lot of pics, food, or the such. I enjoy finding how other people train, links, and actually meeting some people has been cool.

  8. Yes! A shame there weren't more miles in store for today! You had a great recovery run speed today.

    If you check down the comments, Adam posts pretty frequently as well and there is This Hobbit Runs who is using Hanson as well.

    Thanks for commenting!

  9. Aw, that was so sweet of your daughter to share some of her toys with you. :) She is a total cutie. I think that there just aren't a lot of male running bloggers in general, which is too bad. Also, nice photo of the sunrise!

  10. Thanks, I'll check them out!