Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Run Dead Redemption

After a couple weeks of taking a bit off my speed to nurse my calf back to health and dealing with lovely GI issues on the majority of my runs, I finally turned running angry last night (not outwardly angry, just got myself worked up for my long run). I started taking some digestive enzyme supplements with my meals, and Pepto-Bismol tabs at before bed. We ended up picking up pizza at Gino's North and knowing how my GI system has reacted to everything, I told my stomach...

I woke up at 6am today, as it was going to stay in the 60s late enough that I wouldn't need to start my run that early.  Took a couple more digestive enzymes with my toast, got my coffee in, and got the all clear from my body at 8:15.

I was not having a bad run today, I would not let it happen, I primed myself mentally, I tuned into some Fear Factory in my mental pandora and walked to my starting point feeling like I was in this video game:

I checked the weather beforehand and knew I would be facing a nasty wind from the north on my loop back so better make the first half count.

I should thank a couple runners for making my pace pick up. I started off a few blocks away from this one shorter, bigger guy that was running fast and hard.  I figured that the pace he was doing wasn't sustainable. Goal one..Pass him.  I didn't do anything crazy and burn out, but I noticed he lost a step every 400 meters or so. I finally caught him and his steps were hitting the ground like a bass drum. I hope he doesn't hurt himself, not usually a great sign.

I continued my run and saw my second challenge. Around Waveland another short guy, but pretty upper body built with a tight tech Ragnar shirt on jumped on the path. He seemed to be going a bit too fast, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. After a block he passes me, that's fine...but he stops increasing his speed and sits in front of me.  I give him a block to figure out his speed, I'm about 5 feet behind him as his pace slowed a little. I went to go around him and he swayed to the side and sped up. Not today man, not today.  I then thought about what some other blogger ladies that did the Ragnar has said about a lot of the men talking about "Kills" in the race and I pegged him as one of them. That settled it. I took off and wanted to say- Kill - to him, but he had on headphones. I never really slowed down to much except to sip my Gatorade. I figured he would make a run for me, but I guess he just burned out on his run early, and I didn't see him again.  I saw checked my watch a couple times and saw I was at mile 4 at 26 minutes now and tried to take a step off. I hit mile 7 (the turn around at Michigan Avenue for me) and was at 46:30. Not really a pace I can sustain for 13 miles yet, but I built a decent buffer for the wind I thought.

I turned to loop back and wow. The wind out of the north from Michigan Avenue to Belmont was just sick. I felt like I was running with a parachute on my back. If the wind was just a little more forgiving I know I would have finished under 90 today.

I know I didn't need to go that fast for training purposes, but I needed a good run for my mental status and I got it. I was starting to feel dumpy thinking I was burning out early or something.  I finished at an even 7 minute mile (marathon pace) and didn't feel tired after.  Good thing as we walked to the Pride Parade pretty quickly after I got home. Round trip that was about 5 miles, which after cooling down, felt rougher than running 13.

Now here are some parade pics!
Getting our station ready


And two videos:

Well if I kept your attention this far, thanks for following along!
One question for you! Do you ever have running advice you give, but you rarely take yourself?


  1. ChristopolisTiberiusJune 30, 2013 at 9:10 PM

    Hurray for Pride! I am sad i didn't really remember to take any pics while i was out this year! Also happy i managed to sneak past the road closures to get my run in today ;-)

  2. Incredible wind eh? Hopefully it stays calm the rest of the week.

  3. I should have brought a kite!

  4. run IN the parade? get some bump drafting going!