Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sun, Run, and Fun

Yesterday I left off my post going to Midsommarfest, we had fun, wife has more videos for her vlog in the works. Until that is done, here are a couple photos:
First band we see upon entering! Kinley was dancing on my back
Moulin Rouge Dancers!


We had a fun time! Easier with a 22 month old than an 11 month old. Only downside was a few hours lugging our little lady on my back wore out my legs a bit and put a lot of weight on my heels. Took a couple ibuprofen before bed to help.

We also stopped at George's and had some horchata ice cream! Yum. Although even after fair food, this morning I found out I stopped eating too early, energy level LOW.

I got to sleep in today, and woke up around 8am. I did my normal morning routine - Toast & Peanut butter - Coffee - Sunscreen.

Here are my sneakers with the new +Saucony #bostonstrong tags on them:
They add speed too right?
Last long run before I start the Hanson Plan. I didn't use my GPS, just wanted to do it uninjured and enjoy it.  The run was fun and very busy. I know the busy path can annoy a lot of people, but I enjoy it, we are in a huge city! Just think of everyone as drafting tools! 

I ran through a PAWs 4k or something from Foster to Lawrence or something like that. Only annoying part of that was people that let their dogs leash to go max length and over the entire path...trip cord anyone?

I saw one guy with an Ironman tattoo on his leg and I got very jealous, I want to do one more every day.  Then on the way back I saw a guy wearing a full Ironman Lake Zurich outfit. I tried to wave to him when I was walking home, but I got the cold shoulder.

The zounds of people out brought out a big variety of runners. A lot of amazing runners that made reminded me how far I have to go.  On my loop back, this 14/15 year old buy, maybe 5'4, 120lbs, went zooming by, kid has a lot of potential in him.

I had no strong part of my run where I felt like I was floating. The run down was into the wind and I had a mild stitch in my chest, and back I started feeling a bit hot. I slowed down a few times to get some +Gatorade  down. I finished pretty tired and was thinking what might be the causes.. heat? early morning wind draining me? not eating enough last night? I could use these excuses, but I'll mark this down as more things to train for!

Did you run this morning?
And a sunscreen question for those of you that run sans shirt in the hot weather, how do you make sure your back is well covered with sunscreen if you don't have someone to apply it on you?

I've tried to use the sunscreen spray version, but its still very hit or miss, and I don't like the smell of the spray version of sunscreen.

Have a great day!


  1. Ran 8 miles this morning at Montrose Harbor. This is the furthest I've run, and it wasn't too bad. We were out there really early and finished right before that PAWS run even started. And now that you mention sunscreen, I realize I never put any on and really should!

  2. Angeline ConollyJune 9, 2013 at 8:30 PM

    Ohh jealous of that 8a.m. "sleep in" time. Our son woke us up at 5 a.m. :(

    I don't think there's an easy answer for the sunscreen on the back. I obviously don't have to worry about that with sunscreen, but when I use suntan lotion, I can usually get my whole back (albeit a bit sloppy if I have to use my fingertips and even the back of my hand if need be for that awkward part in the middle). I'd probably just stick with the lotion for the rest of your body and use the spray (for what you can reach with it) on your back. By the way, AMAZING you run at a 7 pace for the whole 13 miles!

  3. I participated in the PAWS event this morning!!! It definitely would have been a little crazy for runners/bikers that were trying to use the lakefront path during the race. Horchata ice cream!?!? Sounds delicious. Love the new running shoes!!!

  4. Great job getting out for that run! Next time 9 right? Were you with a group or friends?

  5. oh no! Don't the kids know yet that we need our weekend rest! hah. Maybe i'll put some on a sponge and get that middle of my back that is always missed. I like the lotion better, but the spray is much easier(and more expensive)

    and thanks!

  6. I probably ran around you and didn't even know it! was it a good event?
    You need to get some horchata ice cream ON THE IMMEDIATE!

  7. I still haven't perfected the sunscreen on my back thing. I always seem to miss a spot and get burned. I contort my arms every which way and I usually can get the center part of my back when needed.

  8. Glad I'm not the only one with the contortion issues!!