Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Friday, June 7, 2013

Feeling it Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!

This post was done under the influences of "Make it Rain", by Travis Porter-
Keep them mile markers coming, they gonna make me run.

Great run today brought to you by my Mrs!

My phone alarm was set for 4:30 am, 10 miles this morning. I like having time to get my body ready for the medium length runs and stretch when I'm done.... Yea , it didn't go off, not the first time this happened. Back up alarm set for 4:50.. but wife alarm 4:44.  She woke up and realized the travesty that occurred and woke me up. Thank you!

Thought about cutting a mile off to make sure I would get to work in time.. screw it , YOLO. Set Endomondo to 10 miles, throw on my Friday game face (shit eating grin like my dad would call it ) , and get outside to a crisp 50 degrees.

My brain decides to loop Thrift shop verses ad nauseum as I started my jog, does this track end?!  I normally don't take pics on substance run days, but it looked like the lake was bleeding into the sky:

The sunrise only got better after this

My legs felt amazing today. Not sure if it was the giant pasta dinner or the two desserts I ate, but I felt fresh. Today called for 1.5 miles warm up, 7 miles around marathon pace, 1.5 cool down. I did a fartlek every half mile. Hit my marks today after being off pace for a week. Here are the splits (turn around at mile 5 and developed a bit of a side stitch with running into a breeze. Took it easy for a mile and was fine)
Next week..Training officially starts!

Today's shout out goes to Mr V. I learned his name a few weeks ago, but for months I would see him taking a morning walk with his girlfriend and would give me a vibrant greeting.  Now I see him on a bike ride with his lady on the first half of my run, then he goes for a jog when I am on my way back. Always gives a upbeat  feeling to the run.

As I had my Friday face one, I thought more people would be feeling the spirit. Here is the breakdown - Edgewater/Uptown: Smiles, waves, verbal hellos , hit Lakeview: Not sure if they want to commit to a nod or wave, participation wanes, Lincoln Park: Did someone piss in your wheaties? I"m not sure if its just chance, age difference by hood, or what, but you guys are on alert! At least be happy it is Friday and you are awesome enough to be running before 6am!

I got home and the lights were off in my place. I forgot my shoes glow in the dark and tried capturing the neatness of it:

That's all I got.

Do you have a happy Friday run planned or done?
Do you glow in the dark too?


  1. Debbie @ healthy running momJune 7, 2013 at 10:10 AM

    The pics are awesome! Love how people are categorized by hoods. LOVE that. I also find it to be true. Why can't people give a friendly smile or wave when passed. I'm always friendly on my runs. When we run, we're usually happy, so why not be happy together?
    Hmm.... Maybe I'll see you out running one day.
    Sadly though, my shoes don't glow!

  2. Man, you have awesome dedication. I hope to one day have half the running ability that you do.

  3. Haha I wasn't sure if I should post about hood diversity. My guess is once you live in a more diverse community and maybe are a little older, you don't keep to yourself as much. I swear I saw some people in LP try to look AWAY when they got close to another runner. really?

    I understand if you are in a hard run and in the "zone", but I imagine most people you run unto that early are your first faces of the day!

    I'm pretty easy to pick out i'd say! Wave if you see me or even high five!

  4. Awesome run--glad you were able to take advantage of the great weather for your 10 miler! I also frequently have "Thrift Shop" running through my head on my runs. It's pretty catchy. :)

  5. thanks for the props! Its more a result of having exercise turn into a hobby and find a spot in the day perfect for it. So dedication is really obsession and fun time. You do have the ability! You'll surprise yourself more every month.

  6. I also knew after seeing you doing 10 miles the other day, I couldn't cut my 10 miles to 9 after saying I would do 10!

    OH! and i SWEAR I saw your doppelganger yesterday afternoon in front of the Watertower mall ~ 4:20pm. I was on the bus home and saw this lady who could be your twin. So beware if she goes crazy, commits a murder and they arrest you!

  7. Those are some incredible splits! I think 2 desserts will always improve a run. Now if only I could get up before 5AM to get a run in. I should probably start going to be before 10PM If I want to accomplish that. Yikes!

  8. (Sorry if this posted twice) I think big desserts needs to be the new key great runs!
    There is hope for you! I go to sleep around 10:15-10:30pm. 5am is such a nice time to run with the weather changing, worth it once your body adjusts!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. Great run this morning! It really was beautiful out! I ALWAYS wave to people but the early morning runners aren't always the friendliest. It used to bother me but now I just go out of my way to be friendly!

  10. Maybe I've waved to you and not known it! hah
    Strange I honestly haven't thought of maybe early morning grumpies affecting people. Thanks for commenting!

  11. justploddingalongJune 8, 2013 at 5:55 AM

    I hardly ever see any runners around here but there is one lady and most days she will not wave back. What the heck. Oh well. You are an amazing speed demon. I think you are going to smash the marathon! Can't wait to see how your training goes. I started this week and feel like the speed work has already kicked my butt- but that is good right. Makes me a stronger runner...riight....

  12. Maybe you need to switch it up and start waving hello from like 20 yards away until she notices! hah.

    Thanks for the compliments! But I still feel like a novice compared to some of the other runners around, especially the bloggers!

    Thanks for commenting :)