Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Back to Normal Blog Posts - 2 Day Recap

After two posts filled with many a photo and non Chicago related adventures, I'm back to blogging on daily runs and so on!

Yesterday I planned on doing 10 miles - 1.5 miles warm up, 7 miles pace, 1.5 cool down. 4:30am came, I got up and dressed, got outside and the air felt fresh. Medium force breeze from the south and a bit humid. Overall, good conditions. I start my watch and oh my did my legs not feel ready. I'm not sure if its getting up earlier again or what, but I could not get up to my pace ( I wanted to hit ~ 6:50-7 per mile after warm up). My best guess is that after hitting a sub 1:30 half on Sunday, I pushed my legs harder than I ever have and am still recovering.  I ended up getting closest to my pace around mile 8.

Everyone was pretty friendly, as it was Friday. I am always curious as to what the NikeFuel House is that I see a sign for just south of Belmont. Here is a blurb from Time Out Chicago:

Nike renovated a Lincoln Park field house, where you can take free classes, play basketball, join a running club and, of course, check out (and buy) the company’s latest innovations (such as Nike+ Training and the super-popular Nike+ FuelBand). Stay updated on the schedule and hours by following @nikechicago on Twitter. 1800 N Stockton Dr (312-218-2795).

The only part of my run that I didn't like was that in the last mile of my run before I went to cool down pace, a group of runners came out that were going slower than my current speed, but faster than my cool down.  That meant I was going to pass them then slow down and seem like THAT GUY that just wanted to pass you and can't keep his speed.  I decided to just keep my pace and cut my cool down distance a bit so that situation wouldn't happen.

Onto this morning ( 1 June). Recovery run day! 7 miles at 1-2 minutes below pace. 68 degrees and muggy. I'm loving this shirt free weather! Out the door at 5:30am. It was a very peaceful run.  Slightly overcast for the first part of the run, so no pretty sunrise photos.  The Elijah Running Group were out in force to go along with an increase in other runners and bikers. Got back home and my kid was already rolling around in her crib.. to early little lady! Daddy needs to stretch! hah.

Now a couple useful links (From reddit):

  • Summer Heat is Coming - A Guide to Electrolytes , some useful suggestions on what to take during runs and my favorite part:
    "The manufacturers of sports drinks that contain electrolytes would like you to believe that you should be consuming their products before, during and after exercise. The fact is this is actually unnecessary for shorter duration runs of under 90 minutes.
    For runs under 90 minutes muscle glycogen and electrolytes already in your body before you exercise are sufficient to fuel your activity. There is little to no advantage to additional supplementation and in some cases additional supplementation can lead to your body holding excess water weight."
  •   10 Commandments of Sincerely Unapologetic Runner

Any run plans for you this weekend  or just fun things in general?


  1. Jennifer PietrzyckiJune 1, 2013 at 9:01 AM

    Hey Declan! Nike has a fit club that I found out about near Armitage/Sheffield area. I think it's for ladies only, but they have a bunch of classes (strength training and yoga come to mind) for free and you can take up to 4 a week w/ a 12 hr. (or so) cancellation policy. You just sign up online, etc. I have yet to attend, but may get there one of these days.

    The NikeFuelHouse sounds cool though, if women could go too :p Even so, it still sounds like a neat idea. I've got to get a run in today, I've been severely slacking off! Brian runs 4-5 days a week and also bikes a whole lot. His dedication inspires me to run :)

    You have become quite the (fast) runner! I've been reading and enjoying your blog, it reminds me of when I was training for a half, which seems so long ago. I need to get back into a running schedule pronto and really stick with it.

    I'm off for a run soon and then we are headed to the Veggie Pride Parade, which we are very much looking forward to! Hope you and the family are doing well!


  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I've seen the cool nike club on Armitage, that was my first thought, but the sign was waay to far away from that. When I first saw the sign, I thought it refueled your swoosh power or gave you some Nike+ bonus! I haven't actually see the Fuel House yet, but here is a video -

    Thank you for the kudos! I'm sure you remember, after the first couple weeks of getting back into running, you get addicted to the high.

    Have fun at the Parade! Just had some black bean burgers last night (I dare say I enjoy the better than 90% of burgers I've had). And if you have a blog you keep, let me know and I'll follow you as well!