Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Back in the run family Wednesday

After my unplanned switch in run time yesterday, I was happy to get back to my 5am run and my run family.

The run did not disappoint. Easy run day, ~7 miles. Goal of the run, no faster than 8:15-8:30 miles. Weather was perfect for a fast run, low 50s barely any breeze. So much temptation, but I resisted and did low 8:20s.

A few notes from the run:

  • Had my first conversation with a random runner.  He was probably my height (6'3) and a few years younger than me. I heard him catching up to me from about 25 feet away, I moved over and said morning and expected him to keep going. Instead we talked about our training, both for marathon this year, goals, etc.  Hopefully he stays on the morning shift, nice fellow.
  • There was a pickup basketball game at the small court by Foster beach at 5:15am, not sure if they started early or were out late. Additionally, people playing golf at 5:30am seems to be becoming more normal.
  • There was a police SUV right at the little building at the north part of Hollywood beach... Facing the beach. Not sure who they plan on catching there, maybe sunrise paperwork?
  • Highlight "runner", if we can call the activity that, of the week.. yes week is a guy wearing a cowboy hat, tattooed all over, I  think cowboy boots, and those Kangoo Jumps . I waved hello of course, he returned it. He is welcome to my morning group now. (I missed my bus stop while typing this..woops)
I thought I wasn't going to get a sunrise photo today as it was pretty cloudy, but then this happened in the last mile and a half:
Isn't some prayer usually on these photos?
I quickly ran off the path and through some sand to get a clear shot. Would be a perfect time to just sit on a bench there and relax for an hour and meditate.

Have you seen those Kangoo Jumps in use before or even used one?

Do you feel more comfortable in a certain time of the day?

Enjoy your day!


  1. I think it's cool that you have a nice run community in the mornings, even if it's just a simple acknowledgement of recognition. I ran this morning, and usually run during lunch or after work, so it was a little strange to be out at a different time.

    I'm curious about the guy out with Kangoo Jumps at 5 in the morning. That's... interesting.

  2. What a beautiful picture!

    How awesome that you got to chat with that other runner for a bit. I hope that becomes a regular thing :)

  3. Thanks! I bet there was a pot of gold under the sunlight!

    Hopefully our runs sync up eventually and can push each other!

  4. One day I'll leave a survey out there and see if they realize I made them a community! lol

    Maybe Kangoo wants to send over a sample and I'll test it out... or maybe I won't lol

  5. Ick, I know I'm spoiled living right off the path. Feel free to visit the turf any time!

  6. One thing I miss about the south loop is being so close to the lakeshore trail - its nice to be able to have those long uninterrupted runs. I've been trying to plot a longer route where I am where I don't have to deal with red lights, but its difficult without doing laps :/