Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Satisfied Saturday

As mentioned yesterday, my wife and I went out to DMK Burger (My wife had a #1 and the Parmesan and Truffle butter fries and a margarita, I had the #5 sweet potato fries, and watermelon type salad, a mojito and a margarita). We couldn't decide where to go for dessert, so we went to Oberweis Ice Cream a block or so north. I had a dulce de leche malt and my wife had a birthday cake ice cream. We check the time... only 7:30. What do people do? I thought stuff stopped at 8pm! So we went to Target and picked up an assortment of items that we had no plans for. I found that they carried running shorts with the liners for like $17. I used them this morning and they worked real nice, especially for the price.

Before bed I took a some pepto and again when I woke up. I figured the alcohol and mix of food would give me issues and I wanted one easy run to finish the week. I woke up 10 minutes earlier today to make sure I gave my stomach enough time for its business.

Out the door at 5:30, cloudy all morning and a bit muggy. I had no goal pace, just an easy run to relax to, modify speed on how my body reacts. Overall, it went well. I wasn't sure how far I was going to run, but by the time I hit my marker for 9, I decided, oh what the heck, lets do 10 again.

Not sure if there was something in the air, but people were extra friendly today, especially for a Saturday morning run. I spotted Kelsey @ Fueling Strong and she sang out a friendly good morning while running with her CARA pace group, I couldn't pick out Bethany @ Accidental Intentions, sorry! 

Mother-in-law is with us today again, so we'll be taking her out to breakfast to say thank you for watching our daughter last night. Plus, I love me some big breakfast!

In other news today, the Edgewater Branch Library is reopening today! Good thing too, pretty sure we can drop our daughter off there and she'll be happy as a clam. Day plans are unknown as the weather seems questionable for most of the day!

What are ya'll doing today? Any long runs in the plans? 

Happy Saturday!


  1. It was yummy! Sometimes a good burger is a better time out than a pricey night out.
    Enjoy your day as well!

  2. Debbie @ healthy running momJune 26, 2013 at 12:44 PM

    I heard great things just the other day about DMK. Sometimes, it's just worth it sometimes. Have a great day.

  3. Happy anniversary!!

  4. the more gadgets you run with, the more there is that can go wrong. When I used to run with pandora or any apps, and they would crash (running pandora and a GPS app for an hour sometimes makes this happen),I would stop my run to try to get it to get going again. Better to be dependent on nothing to run, just a trusty stopwatch.

  5. No matter how slow we eat, we never take long on dates! I can't even remember how I used to function as a late night owl in my younger days..when 11pm was just the starting time.

    Good luck with the half today!

  6. Happy the stomach cooperated! Too funny that you got out of dinner so early. That was us last night - early movie, early dinner... watched part of a movie in bed... felt lame to go to bed so early on the "longest day of the year." LOL!

    Short run today. HM tomorrow ;)

  7. True.. lately I've been going out without headphones.. I don't have a good playlist so I end up fussing with Pandora too much. Maybe I'm spoiled because my scenery usually includes the beachside and houses.

  8. Their menu has so many tasty things on them! A shame I only had one stomach to try it out with.

    It was still very muggy this morning, just a little cooler. By 6am it was warming up even with the cloud cover. I looked like a wet dog when I finished.

  9. We didn't try their milkshakes! but the next time down there we will! And thanks for the Bad Apple suggestion! We don't get down to Lakeview or LP often, so most places are new to us.

    Hopefully there are some clouds in the morning for a long run! Maybe see you out there!

  10. too loud? You better turn your phone speakers on even louder! unce unce unce unce

  11. Hillary @Tongue in ChicJune 26, 2013 at 12:44 PM

    I'm a big fan of DMK's veggie burger -- mmm, the cumin! I'm excited to try out the new Oberweis store. I love me some milkshake.

    It was a muggy, nasty one out there this morning! Hopefully it was better at 6a.m. than it was at 9!

  12. I did an early morning run today on a new route.. Nice neighborhood but the main road to get to it is far too loud. I don't know why I see so many runners on it.

  13. Nice run and I'm glad you enjoyed dmk! Have you tried their milkshakes before? They're amazing.

    I ended up going to Bad Apple last night, they make a fabulous burger too. If you haven't been you should check it out, it's on the north side of the city.

    The weather this morning was great too. I debated running long today but I'd rather do it tomorrow with another day's worth of miles on my legs.