Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Link it Together Thursday

No run today, scheduled day off. Miss the morning push and body wake up call, at least there is the gym at lunch where I will look a lot like this:

I don't have a lot of deep thoughts or topics for today, so here are some of my favorite links from over the last few days:

 Before I give you my advice, you need to realize that there is no 'right' path to get to a BQ. You can do it in many different ways, but likely what's holding you back is the commitment to do it. It's what separates a Boston marathoner from the rest. Anyone who is willing to sacrifice a Sunday morning every week for a long run for a few months and can get in a few 3-5 mile runs per week can run a marathon. To BQ, you need to NEED to qualify. You have to be hungry for it. You need to be willing to get up at 4:45AM the next day to run a 9 miler despite how tired you are from work. 
        BQ is still my pie in the sky goal, and I'm sure as hell giving it my commitment and will try.
  • Chicago Marathon Update Email, ended up in my spam folder, so if you missed it too, check it out.
  • Comic on everyone's favorite part of running, a skill I haven't used yet.
Now if you still need something to comment on, lets talk about Vanity Running! You know the type, they worked hard for their summer bodies and are beasts in the gym, but more than a few miles of running is just not what they train to do or enjoy. Two miles along the beach though? Lets strut run! This may be more a guy thing for once.

How do they make you feel? Do you honestly think they are out there for a solid cardio work out? Or doing a bit of showing off?

I've seen them running too hard, legwork is bad, and they are somehow not sweating yet...I realize I'm a bit more negative on them and kudos for anyone that gets out to exercise, but don't you ever feel like the gym is their kindgom and we can feel prouder of our work on the trails?

Happy Friday Eve!


  1. Such great links and advice! I will probably never come anywhere close to running a BQ, but any advice that will help me improve is always helpful.
    LOL on the vanity runners. I've seen many of them out there, too. But kudos for them for getting out there and giving it the old college try! What is that saying - "My sport is what your sport does for punishment?" To each their own. =)

  2. Just have eye of the tiger on loop right?
    My favorite vanity runners - sunny day, and hat is on backwards and is squinting.. if only they made something for this...
    Or - they are running with a girl and its a chilly day and not dressed warm enough.. just to try to impress the lady! BRR

  3. Great stuff. I didn't get that email about Chicago but should have. Glad you caught that. Nice site!

  4. Awesome post. I'm not sure I could BQ on a bike.

  5. Thanks for sharing the BQ interviews with your readers, if anyone out there has a BQ story to share, I'd love to hear it!

  6. thanks for putting it together!

  7. Surprised about email too. I check my spam folder once a day just in case, and thought the title was an odd choice for phishing. Thanks for stopping by the site!