Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Can't Believe It's Not Buttah Thursday

Lets start with the most important part of yesterday!

If you are already my facebook friend (and if you aren't, why not?) you already saw this photo, but for everyone else, yesterday I let Fabio have a photo with me. I made sure to stand extra awkward so he wouldn't feel too nervous.

Don't be too jealous

Today is my rest day from running. A few general aches to let heal. My right calf that I strained last fall gets flared up when I do intervals, so I just have to keep an eye on that and be more diligent with my evening stretches (by that I mean, do them). I always feel strongest running, the aches go away, after wasting away at work or sitting is when the hard parts come.

I don't have any big hot topics to discuss, so have some links!
  • Last nights game winning goal by the Blackhawks via gif!
  • RUN! It's a crazed duck!
  • Need something to get a father in your life? Why not some great new fragrance?
  • Hairy dudes out there can relate to this.
  • An interesting interview with an evolutionary biologist on running and why humans hate exercise.
  • Epic Game of Thrones Quote (Can you change the word king to runner?) (Different version of quote here)

I will saw I'm turning slightly paranoid now that every ache could turn into some wild injury. Do you have to deal with this?

My post tomorrow will be late, as I have some work obligations forcing my run time to change..and without my run, I have no post!

Happy Friday Eve!


  1. That quote from Game of Thrones is more or less my standard for a red flag when dating... If you have to tell me that you are a nice guy then chances are you are not... Thus far my theory has yet to be proven wrong..

  2. but but.. my mom says I'm such a nice young man!

  3. OMG seroiusly DYING that Fabio was at whole foods. LOVE IT!

  4. He was promoting his whey protein and other products ( see, and yes, his face was on EVERYTHING. I tried it, wasn't that bad, but I don't need to be spending money on that. I think he did the Whole Foods on Huron, then Wrigleyville, then maybe the burbs

  5. OMG Fabio! Was he actually at the grocery store plugging fake butter? You probably could have ended the post there.

    I feel the same way about my left achilles - like every little ache or twinge is just me straining it again. So I stretch, roll and ice a lot!

  6. LOL i wish he was! That was the first thing I could remember he did! Then romance novels.

    he was promoting this stuff -

    Any achilles stretch and roll links you suggest?

  7. Hahaha, I'll have the protein with Fabio's face on it! That's so awesome.

    My trainer showed me a couple stretches for my achilles - - is pretty helpful, as well as a stretch while lunging, and the one where you stand on your tiptoes (are there names for these things?). As for rolling, I put my bad calf on the roller, cross my other leg on top and that's usually enough pressure to help roll it out (like this: - note that your butt is totally off the ground.

  8. thanks !will check out when I get home!

  9. It's hard not to worry that every ache will turn in to some injury! But you are doing the right thing by resting :)

    Fabio! LOL! Does he still do a lot of work?

  10. Haha I saw this on reddit and didn't realize it was you. Fabio-lous.

  11. I didn't put mine on reddit! three on /r/chicago right now, but non are me!

  12. Scheduled rest, but at a good time! Only thing that bugs me.. closest group run/club run does their run on my rest day, GRR.

    Not sure what projects he is involved in, some guest tv show appearances, promoting whey protein with his face on the cover

  13. heck yeah, hawks!! hope the aches and pains are nothing serious.

  14. Thanks! I'll will them away! I don't recognize your discussion name, casual visitor or blogger?

    Either way, thanks for commenting!

  15. Angeline ConollyJune 13, 2013 at 8:11 PM

    Hah, love the pic with Fabio (never was a fan, but still cool). What's in your hand? Notes on questions you wanted to ask him or a grocery list? :P
    Good luck with the aches - after pregnancy/giving birth and just getting older; the aches weigh heavily on my mind and get super paranoid that this ache is what is going to stop me from running forever and I will become lazy and fat... because after all, once you stop running, what else is there (the elliptical is second best, but that doesn't hold a candle to running and I'm never coordinated enough for those crazy dance cardio classes or yoga). Sending good, healing vibes your way!

  16. I couldn't resist a photo op with him! I couldn't remember what he was in until I talked to people later!

    The paper is a love song... wait no.. its a flyer for his health products they handed out.. you believe that right?

    Aches mostly gone today! I would not being able to run, I'd probably have to bike/swim. I like not needing a pricey membership to be healthy!

  17. haha I'll have to text him to see he wants to join me for a run!

  18. That Fabio picture is priceless...does he run?