Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Live to run another day

Last night was a treat of brinner, French toast, and since we have company over, I went out to get us some dessert.  This much sugar can't possibly have a bad outcome right? Hold this thought.

Wake up time, feel exhausted and like I have an extra 100lbs on me. Oh well, let's get this show on the road.

I decided to go easy on my calf until it feels solid a few days in a row. Figure I would do a warm up then see what pace I can hold today. Get out...holy fog , 53 degrees. Fun times ahead. Leg feels decent and holding a nice pace when the check engine light comes on around mile 3.5..

Brain: G.I is this you?...
G.I.: zzzz
Brain: Are you high again? You gave me the all clear 30 minutes ago.. damnit you were on a sugar high..
G.I.: huh.. waaa...I'm so high . I told you what? Wait wait, we have a problem brain
Brain: *face palm* hurry up and tell me how bad it is
G.I.: Michael Jackson bad ... I'm going to take about 2 minutes off your pace and put pain on the face
Brain: wait!
Legs: dudes what's going on? We be jamming
(We are now turning around at mile 4.5)
*A wild wind appears* Going North now are you? Feel my damp embrace
Brain: fine... All system please operate at recovery level.

So yea, last 5 miles were brutal. Guy I was using behind me to keep me honest quickly overtook me once my gut was on high alert. Next time Tuesday... Next time. At least my leg feels okay. I feel like this run shouldn't even count, I don't even feel like I ran. Sigh. Learning experience right?

We do have a new contender for friendliest runner. On my way back I did my normal wave/nod if someone was paying attention. Surprisingly this happened around Belmont, a young lady must have had just downed a 5 hour energy shot or something, I passed along my light wave (note- my wave - when my hand swings up for my normal cadence, I simply turn it to a light wave, and go back to my normal form) and her wave back was...loud? big? not sure how to describe it. Head tilted, smile, giant wave and hello. I immediately thought.. do I know her? I don't think so.. is she going to kill me? Probably.

Side note: My CTA pass hasn't worked for the last 24 hours, time to go to CTA HQ!
And Ethiopian food tonight!

Did you get a foggy run in this morning or are you running later?

Have you ever given a running hello that was a bit much?


  1. I am running later (as always) - Still undecided if I will be outside or on the treadmill though...

  2. Good story for the tough run. Feels similar to my own running experience last night.

    No running hello is ever too much!

  3. GI issues, things every person getting into running needs to be aware of and prepare for! You aren't alone!

  4. We shall see - It will be a VERY short run today so I was considering a speedwork day and I do better with that on the treadmill because it forces me to keep pace.

    Plus I want to strength train today too....

  5. I loved the fog this morning but I'm a cool weather runner!

    Too much sugar always does my stomach in. It's okay on the weekends if I remind myself to wait for a bit before heading out but during the week when I don't have time, it can be really painful. As much as it sucks, I always tell myself that you never know what could happen during the race so I need to suck up the stomachache and push through.

  6. Loved the fog too! Felt nice, especially when I saw the 90s WGN said for this weekend.

    And I have the same motto! never know what race day will feel like, weather, healthy, etc. Practice through it all! Thanks for commenting

  7. justploddingalongJune 18, 2013 at 7:32 PM

    Solid run even with some internal discussion happening! Went for a run outside this morning- not foggy where I am at but was nice and cool and WINDY.

  8. GI problems during runs are the worst. You just can't really push through when your stomach is feeling really lousy. Hope you feel better soon!