Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Friday, June 21, 2013

Loves labour almost 10

Biggest news of the day: Today is our 5th Wedding anniversary! I won't get all Facebook on you, but It's wonderful to have the perfect companion to journey life with and keep you in line. Our story is twice as long and unlikely, but love has made it happen and I can't be happier. We typically do some fancy dinner, but this year we want to be full for under $200 so we are thinking dmk burger and then someplace else.

Now the less fun part of the day. Wtf is going on gut. Get your shit together, literally. I have not had one good run since Sunday because of you. Today was the worst. I planned an easy run of 10 miles. Weather was gorgeous, but the gnats invaded the entire area and I choked multiple times on them.

When I woke up at 4:30am, felt ok. In case you haven't already learned, always go #2 before a hard or longer run. Didn't skip that, but stomach was still iffy. Wasn't sure what was in store, but I have a time limit, let's go.

First 3 miles, manageable. Stopped to get a quick picture before sunrise.

Next three I start to worry. Pressure and aches more constant. Already half way done, just make it home. ( don't worry, I still put on a brave face and waved/nodded to people, priorities) The sunrise was perfect and I almost stopped to get another photo, but I was worried that stopping and starting again might make my stomach angrier.

Miles 6 to 9, my face started to grimace more now. Had trouble jogging. Ugh. Worst run to date. Hit mile 9, come on Declan, don't give up. I couldn't keep going without going. I stopped a run early for the first time. Breathed deeply. Walked most of the last mile home, which was also a challenge. I tried to jog a couple times just due to time constraints.

Not a pretty run, but I'm glad I did it... now I know I can eat normally :)

Alternative? Could have stayed in today with the warning signs I had or do a short run... Naw. Rather hate myself for a little while than beat myself up all day.

Tomorrow morning I'll do the same route, hopefully I have a better experience. Plus, I need to make sure I keep a look out for Bethany @ Accidental Intentions and Kelsey @ Fueling Strong when I cross paths with their running groups with CARA and offer a motivational wave. Do I need to look out for anyone else running between 5 and 6:30am on the Lakefront north?

One link for you today:
Rules of Running - It got pretty popular yesterday, so I imagine it made its way to a lot of you already, but still a nice list.

Lots of beach weather in the forecast! Will I see any of you around Hollywood beach or early morning runs on Sunday as well?

Any weekend plans?

How do you deal with stomach issues during training? Skip/push/cut?

Happy Friday!


  1. I was going to ask about the bathrooms - but I see you told Anne is was locked. WTF! UGH! When I am having stuggles with my stomach, I always try to plan a bathroom route. I usually keep going though.

    Happy anniversary!!!

  2. I guess that's one argument against barefoot running :)

  3. I initially looked at the one Wilson, and it was still locked up (I guess so bums don't sleep in them?) Once it got bad, i had trouble concentrating on anything but getting home with both socks! haha

    Thank you ! And enjoy your day!

  4. One thing I love about running on the lakefront is that there are bathrooms just in case! I don't think I have that sensitive of a stomach, but it definitely acts up sometimes. Usually it passes if I stop to walk for about a minute, but it sounds like that didn't help you. It happened once in Hawaii and I kept finding bathrooms that were LOCKED. Horrible.

    Anyway, Happy Anniversary! I love DMK, especially all their various fries. Mmmm. Enjoy your night out! :)

  5. Thanks!
    Glad to see I'm not alone on sour stomach runs!
    I can imagine the starbucks duck in -
    i'll have an ... oh dear god. VENTI ANYTHING BRB
    At least that would be me..

    Same boat! Tough it out. Any run is better than no run!
    Thanks for commenting!

  6. Happy anniversary, dmk is so good. Have fun tonight!

    I usually suck it up and go out for runs when my stomach is off. Last weekend I actually had to duck into a starbucks (on my way back from the lake path) but that rarely happens. I have quite the sensitive stomach (and food allergies) so sometimes when I eat something that I'm not aware of (like eggs hidden in something) my stomach is a wreck the next day. I'd rather tough it out for an hour or two than miss a run though!

  7. Sorry to hear I wasn't alone! I started thinking, I wonder what ailments other people are fighting this morning? Good call on the treadmill! Much less embarrassing. I pictured myself looking like a car that started sputtering in a race and was going to get pulled off to the garage.
    I'll look for the fueling strong group for sure! I'll be the tall guy with purple shoes!

  8. I had the same thing going on this morning! Maybe it's a Chicago runner plague. ha JK. I felt my stomach going haywire just as I opened the door to go out, so I decided running on the treadmill would be safer bet for me today. I guess a run is a run, but I would have preferred to run outside. See ya on the trail tomorrow!

  9. Haha - I don't imagine that would make running any more comfortable...

  10. thanks!
    This week has been so odd for my stomach. I imagine a lot of it is that we've had company over and eating has been off. So French Toast Monday, Ethiopian Tuesday, Wed philly cheese steak, last night some frozen dinner from Dominick's. All not normal! Next week will be much better! Still mad at my stomach lol My wife told me to just wear a diaper.. womp womp

  11. Happy Anniversary!

    I don't generally have stomach issues that make me need to (or feel like I need to) use the restroom. My stomachs are usually just that - cramps. Its more pain than anything and sometimes that pain makes it difficult to breath. I may have had this feeling once or twice but it is definitely not the norm for me. That said... My two cents of advice is to examine everything you have eaten the past week - There may be one food that you have been having this week that you didn't in previous weeks. Maybe keep a food journal for a week and see?