Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Monday, June 3, 2013

Move on out Monday

Let's get the mandatory weather portion of my post done- 5am and 42 degrees ... June .. Wtf . I shed my thick skin already.

Last night my wife, daughter, and I went to Nookies in Edgewater. Only posting this as a notification that they trimmed down their menu a bit.  Notably, the two items we were going to order (Monte Cristo and a Reuben). Their specials list was also smaller.  Food was still good though.  Their blueberry pancakes cured the cantankerous mood our daughter was in all day. (Her dinner- black bean soup, bread, blue berry pancake, and sweet potato fries... yum! )

Turn time to 4:40am.

Turn on "Get by" by Talib Kweli. That was the motto for this morning's recovery run. 

Was especially hard to get out of bed today. Still soaking in how HBO portrayed the Red Wedding last night in a Game of Thrones. Brutal and awesome.  I can't wait to taste the tears of the non book readers at work, along with the internet reaction.

Toss on warmer cloths, slow run planned for today so won't be generating as much heat. Get outside, feels okay. Sunrise was supreme, but I wasn't taking gloves off today for a photo, sorry! I gave the Sun a plea as it broke into the sky.  Help us Obi Sun Kanobi, you're our only hope. We have 25 points to score to reach the predicted high... Rigggght.

The random cool front knocked a lot of Monday runners off that had started over the last few weeks. DEMERITS FOR ALL OF YOU!..jk.. not really. maybe.

I saw some regulars: thumbs up older guy, my nemesis doing sprints on a soccer field, older Asian lady with the quick draw wave(who wore shorts and made me feel like a sissy for wear tights! lol), and a few others I haven't described before. Today's shout out goes to a young lady (I think young, honestly she could be 25-35, I can't tell) who has been out there throughout the winter.  It took her awhile to start warming up to the wave, but she joined the friendly club a few months ago. There is nothing that really pops out about her like the others, just her consistency which is pretty gnarly. Kudos to you lady!

My run felt pretty lethargic. My legs were fatigued, but at least that made sure I stayed slow.

Bets on how warm it will actually get by the lake today?

And your inspiration for the day:

Desert Solstice 100 Mile, Michael Arnstein 12hrs 57mins


  1. Yea... I fully expect that whole "cooler lakefront" thing to hold true today...

  2. I'm with you on "WTF June," but on the other hand, I hate running in the heat, so as far as running weather goes, I'm not complaining too much. So I guess I'm surprised that threw a lot of runners off. The weather is such a crapshoot here anyway, I'm just always ready for whatever weird, unseasonable conditions we get.

  3. I love that you have your own little friendly club on the lake front.
    It cracks me up when runners freak out by these huge temperature swings. What else do we expect in the midwest?! I hope you don't have to give too many demerits!

  4. scumbag Chicago Weather News, 70 today! (whisper- cooler by the lake...) that means what?? 5.10,15? Just give us a bone!

  5. Hah i agree with heat running can really suck. I was just getting comfy with the LMFAO running outfit, then put on a sweatshirt the next day lol At least it was relaxing!

  6. One day I'll find out if anyone else I see running feel the same way. Maybe I'm the freak out there that they talk to people about! lol

  7. Yes, WTF weather!?! How could I wear a shorts and tank on Saturday and tights and jacket Sunday? Madness!!! Is the wether usually this wacky? I've only been here 2.5 years now...

    So cool you recognize people on the path.. I also see some regulars at the time I usually run too :)

    I'll go with 62 degrees...

  8. dang, says 68 right now. Crazy city. Last night I bet 57..

    I just want it to stay above 50. This is an extra wacky late spring. I mean Summer is in less than 3 weeks!

    Thanks for commenting!

  9. I'm torn. I love the cooler temps for my running, but my garden would probably be growing a bit faster if it were warmer.