Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thirsty...For A Topic..Thursday

Rest day from running. I couldn't come to any good topic that has been burning my mind to talk about, so I'll just throw a bunch of ish at the blog this morning and you decide what parts are worth your read!

  • Ever wonder about the mile markers south of Belmont on the lakefront path disappearing for some distance? This guy did, my guess is to lead you to the Nikefuel House, do you know why?
  • Discussion over- What do you wish you had known before the first time you ran.
  •   IAMA with Donald Faison (Turk from Scrubs!! note, Zach Braff has done multiple IAMAs and snoops around reddit, see here)
Dad Photo Stuff:
Kiddo at the park.. with her turtle again:
Little lady pulled a book into her crib from the changing table when we put her down for her nap.. she put it back after she was done lol
Running Gear:

I finally bought The Stick -Marathon Version - after much suggestion. Hopefully my leg keeps getting better so I can get back to some more intense runs.

Felt like a kid on Father's day getting a check from my mom, wait I'm 30... Hey lets get another pair of shoes right? Probably get another pair of +New Balance m890v3s in this wild scheme.

How are you preparing yourself to get your runs done in the heat? Setting that alarm early or waiting for the dusk runs?  Need any early morning advice? (see here)

Should I do the runner photo challenge - Why we love summer? it will obviously include me breaking out the sun dresses and evening out my tan lines.

Favorite hot weather drink(s)? I'll go with a Sangria, it just tastes like summer liquid form.


  1. Great list of links.. are you running two different types of shoes or just a new color?

  2. same shoes, different colors ( I haven't bought the second pair yet). Hopefully gives them a bit more time to regain their cushioning and dry out between uses.

  3. Hmm! interesting theory. I want to know the truth! PRISM must know!

  4. Great list of links to check out!

    Hot weather running... Well I just run. Nothing different except more water stops and more salt pills- and my pace slows. While I have my garmin with me at all times, I have become pro at running by effort. And I prefer afternoon runs because in the morning I'm a rust bucket.

    The stick is awesome! It definitely helps alot- I also use a foam roller and the Trigger Point kit on my calf (to dig in deep) but lately I've been using a racquetball and having my calf ontop of it to get the knots out.

    Summer drink... All I can think of are Caipirinhas. Brasilian drink made with cachaça , and muddled fruit- traditional would be with lime and sugar.(but you can use any and all fruits) I love it with sake instead of cachaca... Mmmmmm

  5. I actually knew that the mile markers moved to the (what I call) inner path. I don't really know why but here is a theory... It is WAY too crowded on the lakefront... Specifically between Fullerton and North. And dodging volleyballs is not ideal for a run. An attempt at traffic control?

    But as a bonus for moving to the inner path... Its more shaded

  6. Running shoes are always a great way to use up some money. They bring so much happiness! Your little one is so adorable. Running tan lines are the worst, so good luck with that. I hear bandeau bikinis are still in fashion, so maybe try one of those? ;)

  7. Thanks for the extra massage pointers/tips! I hope they don't mind me doing it at work!

    The nice thing about feeling like a rust bucket,when you actually get a little more time to brush off the rust, you realize how you were training with a light handicap! Often times my long run is my best held tempo of the week and easiest, simply because I had a cup of coffee and some time to wake up

    that drink sounds amazing! I'll have to try it out!
    thanks for commenting!

  8. seriously! I need new balance to sponsor me or something at 100 bucks a pop! Plus the colors are awesome and horrible at the same time, i must have them.

    My tot is pretty awesome! thanks. I'm afraid to google bandeau bikinis at work....

  9. Seriously! I'll get the one that leaves their logo in the dirt or something even! hah

  10. Debbie @ healthy running momJune 26, 2013 at 12:44 PM

    OMG-I'd love a shoe sponsor. Would be so Amazing!

  11. Stick better be magic! lol (50 cent reference)

    I do like runner in the summer better, even if it is a little slower. I feel freer and less burdened.

    Okay okay, i'll look into the photo challenge! its about sloths right?

  12. Great links!!! I have been considering buying The Stick so I am curious to hear what you think of it once you've had some time to give it a whirl. And as difficult as it is to run in the heat, at least this summer has been way better than last summer. WOW, was it a permanent oven last summer!!!