Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rain out? Run it out

(Writers Note: Special thanks to my wife for proof reading what I write! <3)

Yesterday evening I restarted my hip and core stretches at night using my band, roller and so on. Of course, this was the ideal timing for my daughter to pick for reading time. She was sitting on my chest or stomach half the time while I read her books and did bridges, leg lifts and rolled around. She insisted I go "night night" when I was on the ground and proceeded to sit one inch for my face waiting for me to open my eyes and go boo. Pretty fun times, adding that to the memory bank for sure! She also likes taking my big band that I put around my ankles and do sideways walking for hip work and try it out herself (she'll do this funky walk without it throughout the day...).

This morning was a planned 10 miles. After finding out that the Ruminator and I run at roughly the same time and area, we set up to run part of our run together today. I haven't run with another person on purpose in about 10 years, so I was excited for the opportunity.

The storms that hit Chicago today apparently had different ideas. At our initial start time  (You were still sleeping), there was a wave of storms passing. There was a break in the bright yellows and reds in the radar. So we set out.  As we had to start a little later, we cut the miles down a little. About half the run was under just a light sprinkle, then Zeus must have thought Chicago was a strip club and his wallet was too heavy because he made it RAIN.

As good runners think, rain was fun and just made for soggy shoes.  Once we heard some loud claps of thunder that weren't over the lake and lightening, she recommended (smartly) we head off the path and to Marine Drive/inner lake shore drive. Fun run! (not fun enough for other runners, we saw maybe 3 other runners) Last couple miles the rain got horrible, I could barely see through my contacts. Puddles meant nothing. I had newspaper ready for my sneakers and took Ruminator's suggestion to  put them at an angle. I tried to not drop water all over my apartment, hopefully I succeeded.  My phone got some water in it even with the cover over it (filed insurance claim for a replacement), which is a bummer. It's still mostly working.

End thoughts: Glad I did the run and got to meet the Ruminator. Next time there is any chance of rain, I won't trust my phone cover to protect it. I made sure to hydrate plenty as I couldn't take a - how sweaty do I look test. Mixed a Nuun in with some water and was good to go.

Anyone else try to run in the monsoon this morning?
Any phones coming out later this year (preferably for T-Mobile) that you would suggest to keep an eye out for?

Side note: Based on +Adam Conolly  book recommendation yesterday, I went to the library and picked up the Quantum Thief. Looks neat!

Enjoy your day!


  1. For the record - I was not asleep during that round of storms this morning... In fact I beat them into work (got to work 5:45ish) :-p

    Try a plastic baggie to protect the phone. With as many times as I have gotten caught in sudden downpours it is now something I always have with me and I have used several times. Works really well and is super cheap!

  2. haha true! It start around 4:15 and I was just watching my phone weather radar until there was a patch of non yellow. I'll have to keep a baggy with my phone, my band has a plastic cover on it, but it must have gotten in the headphone jack, GRRR.
    Thanks for commenting!

  3. I had PT this morning at 7 so I was up and leaving when the storms hit. I'm glad that today's my rest day but running in the rain is so much fun! Sorry to hear about your phone though! Question, do you wear a GPS watch and do you wear it when it's raining? I'm always nervous to!

  4. Sounds like you had a very eventful run today :) I was awake because my dog freaks the eff out when there's lightning and thunder- had to move him and his bed into my bathroom.

    Aww so cute your daughter comes over to play with you while you're stretching/sticking/rolling. My pup insists on being my PT when I get on the floor to stretch and stays within a few inches of my face each time and also walks under me. Fun :)

  5. Yeah, nobody got to work with dry socks today! ( I had on flip flops, change at work lol)
    Running in the rain was fun! The lightening is a little more scary! I told Erin that if it gets close, I'll get hit first since I'm a fair bit taller!

    I use the GPS on my phone and have a waterproof Ironman timex watch I always use as well. I have most of the distance points memorized and mentally tim
    ed, so if my GPS won't link up, i am not at a loss. Erin had a GPS watch on that seemed to fair well in the rain, she said the only issue she had was in the winter when it was sub zero.
    After today, i'm keeping the phone at home for any rain lol Don;t want to drop running shoe money on a "phone deductible" again haha

    thanks for commenting!

  6. Yes! it was full of surprises! I hope your pup calmed down at some point this morning! Thankfully neither our kiddo or cat cares about the storm.

    PT is a group activity even when you are alone!

    thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  7. Sorry to hear about your phone! Kudos to you for sticking through your run and finishing it. Having soggy feet makes me lose all motivation (which is why I have GoreTEX lined running shoes and a treadmill). Luckily it wasn't really raining down in the southwest suburbs when I ran, so we just got a lot of wind and ominous skies. Have a great evening!

  8. Hope you like the book, I'm about to finish it, and have really enjoyed it.

    I was going to run in the rain, but my wife hates rain, and anything that isn't sweltering hot is too cold for her - 90 degrees and raining = "I can't run, I'll freeze".

    Myself, I don't mind rain running - and VFFs are so good for puddle/water running - no need to worry about getting them wet at all.

  9. Ahhh! Running in the rain is fun, but thunder can be scary! Did you have a visor on to keep water over your eyes and it was still that bad? Yikes!

    Do you put your phone in a bag? That is what I do with mine so it doesn't get ruined on runs :)

    Is that "you were sleeping" comment for us or your wife reviewing the post? I was up for the storms... but getting ready for work and commuting.

  10. So far so good! (just a few pages in lol, someone give me a seat on the bus damnit)

  11. <3 rain running. No visor. just shorts and shoes. Radar initially looked like we would be able to sneak in the run. My arm band from my phone keeps my phone all covered, but the wild amounts of rain was too much for even that. SO i'll bring it in a plastic baggie from now on if it calls from even sprinkles. If more than that, i'm keeping it at home. Plus, i'm starting to get a funky tan line on my arm there now..

    Sleeping was a general comment! i didn't know that many people were up around 4:30 lol Lesson learned!

  12. Expensive lesson learned! Lightening are one of the few things to keep me off a run and it better be in the area! Watching a storm over the lake is pretty epic!

    GoreTEX lined shoes? lets talk newspaper lines shoes! bwhaha

    Thanks for commenting!