Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Monday, June 10, 2013

Misty Monday, running that fog off

Yesterday evening when my wife, tot, and I stepped out to grab a slice of pizza nearby, we ran into Mr. V picking up gelato for his girlfriend. He seemed embarrassed as it appears he is a super healthy eater... Yea don't stay and watch what I order please! At least now my wife knows who mysterious Mr. V is. We bid adieu until 5am.

Speaking of eating, I am starting to use My Fitness Pal again to try to get back into game shape and fix up my eating a bit. 

6 mile recovery run this morning at a few minutes slower than pace. First people I saw were V and his girlfriend. Then I didn't see anyone for like 3 miles. The weather was more ominous than inclement. 66, foggy, misty, and an occasional sprinkle.  The lake looked like scene from a Stephen King movie.

Eventually I started seeing my morning street team, my wave/nod success rate was pretty amazing today, probably like 80%, good Monday start. Observation of the run, typically there are more women than men running in bad or threat of bad weather, but that trend went out the window today. Odd, but quick wave lady and miss constant were both out so thank you for not letting me down!

Shout out today goes not to a runner, but perhaps the most frequent user of the path. A middle age lady that I am guessing is walking to work every morning, see her bag lunch on her hand every morning. She was out all winter and spring. Not sure if this was a health or economic issue. Although today I saw her on a bike and her face just looked a little more relieved. I hope things are on the upswing for her.

The last mile or so of my jog I put a little extra umf into my run/jog. I looked back and apparently another runner was catching up and I thought... This probably looks like the set up for a challenge or something. Sigh, do I slow down and let her pass me or just do the run I wanted to do. I'm only going maybe up to an 8 minute mile so it won't look that bad.  I get near the end of the path and the runner had sped up as well to not lag behind, I imagine she was determined to get by me and she would have today easy. I went off the path and up home, and she looped back and stayed on the path.

Links for the day:
Phenom Mary Cain set the 5k National High School Record, Cain now holds all high school records from 800m to 5k. AMAZING.

Living Social has a deal today for the Guaranteed Rate Disco Dash 5k/10k run on 27 June

Do you use My Fitness Pal to help organize your diet for any goals (if you want to add me, just let me know)?

Do you have any running nutrition guide suggestions?

Happy Running!


  1. I used MFP for a while but moved to loseit because it seemd to have a much larger database of foods. Now I just use them to track my weight, since my diet now is more about just making sure I eat ample amounts of certain foods, and tracking isn't an issue anymore.

  2. Is lose it good at separating good and bad carbs? I think I may have to end up doing that. Calorie wise, I think I'm safe, I just want to get the best fuel bang for my buck. Bread IV??

  3. TBH, I'm not sure. Right now the only carbs I see as "good" are fiber, and I've pretty much memorized what is safe and what isn't for me. MFP may be better for fine turning macro stuff if you're doing it on the web (the smartphone app is a bit less verbose).

  4. That's an awesome nod/wave success rate! I don't understand why people can't at least raise a few fingers in acknowledgement as they pass you. Manners! I used MyFitnessPal for a while to track things--it's really convenient! I was just doing too good of a job at tracking calories and lost a little too much weight/got sick & overtrained, so I stopped using it.

  5. There is a bit of a discussion on it over here:

    apparently some people get offended with more than a light hello

    But I'll take a big high five any day!

    Calorie counting can be obsessive. I'm trying to carb count hah

  6. This morning was awesome for running. I though it was going to be rainy and gross but it turned out to be perfect... if not a little creepy out. It was fun!

  7. The fog is pretty cool to run in! Downtown was odd this morning too, sunny on the Mag Mile, but then mad foggy right on the lake. Still fresh and nice though. Glad you got a run in and thanks for commenting!

  8. justploddingalongJune 10, 2013 at 1:59 PM

    I kept a spreadsheet of food for awhile and then switched to my fitness pal to lose some weight but now just try to eat mostly fruits and veggies with some fun thrown in and is working so far. I read the book Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald which you might find interesting. He has a point system for good stuff and then you get negative points for bad stuff and you have a goal number to hit. It also has some discussion of what elites eat which is interesting and some recipes.

  9. thanks for the suggestion! I'll look into it! There is an ice cream vendor's guide to running a marathon right??

  10. My fitness pal definitely helped me lose lots of weight.... twice!

  11. Angeline ConollyJune 10, 2013 at 8:29 PM

    Hah, I love that you are keeping track of the people you run past on your runs and the wave/nod ratio. I feel early mornings are best for higher ratio - by days end, people have already gotten moody from the day. Also, isolated forest trails are usually good for waves and short greetings. I've seen some really enthusiastic runners on those type of trails and I LOVE it! Of course, running with two babies (that hopefully aren't screaming at the time), usually gets a smile out of most people. I usually am the quiet type on the run, but I may just have to put an effort in to waving/greeting people now. :)

  12. Some company should offer some clip on patch for running to let other people know if you are wave/hello/or high five friendly! make it easier to know who to give effort to!