Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

There Will Be Run

Yesterday evening my wife and child, wife's cousin, and I went out to meet a friend and her boyfriend for dinner over Ethiopian food. Fun and tasty times were had. My tot doesn't care for the food yet, but she enjoyed the waitstaff and making some wild faces at my friend's boyfriend (they were friends by the end of dinner, don't worry). I was a bottomless pit for food as usual and had another snack when I got home...that will end well right?

When I went to bed, I had revenge on the mind. I wanted to make up for that debacle of a run I had yesterday morning. There will be run...

I woke up and thought my first alarm didn't work again, but still had a couple minutes before my second alarm. I turn the second alarm off and notice it is only 3:30...turn alarms back on.  I woke up a few more times and finally it was time to get up. Feet on the ground... queasy. ****. There will be run...Friday.
I decided to just do the same distance, but do it at an easy pace as the schedule called for.  The run was nice, beautiful morning compared to yesterday. No photo today, I wasn't in a good location in the small window where the sunrise is still red and pink.

Kim, over at ilaxSTUDIO sent me a link about bikers and runners waving. The article is very pro waving! I'm glad to see other people maintain success rates in their head! The hardest part about doing the wave is getting ignored and you are left hanging for about 1-2 seconds and you feel awkward for a moment... Get over it and try it again! Their loss right? A couple people beat me to the hello this morning, I usually wait until you are about 10 feet away, they hit me at 15!  Granted this is easier when its lighter traffic than say Sunday morning at the lake. I still haven't mastered waving at bikes, you have a much smaller time window to try to see if they are up for the nod.

Speaking of busy, for those of you that run the lakefront, does anyone ever run north of Waveland or Addison? I always find it odd how the traffic from there to Michigan Ave is so thick, when people could easily just run north instead and have so much more space as it is less congested.

Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day. Time to think of something to blab about.

Any plans for the day?


  1. Did you daughter love eating the Ethiopian food with her hands? I think that is so fun.

    Thanks for the shoutout! I usually try the smile or nod at bikers. Too short of time to wave ;)

  2. hah she tries it but just says DONE! and gives it back to me. We brought a banana to keep her busy. (She ate dinner beforehand) That girl loves eating with her hands though!
    Thanks for commenting!

  3. I love the idea of Ethiopian but I got food poisoning after eating some in college and I'm not sure I'll be able to eat it again.

    How did you adapt the training plan to take off Thursdays. Are you doing long runs on Monday or did you swap other days around?

  4. There is on Ethiopian restaurant (Demera) that always makes me have a bad reaction, but thankfully the ones in Edgewater have been pretty good to me.

    My schedule is like this - Sunday - Long run, Monday - Recovery , Tuesday- SOS, Wed- Easy , Thursday - Rest, Friday SOS, Saturday Easy

  5. I love the waving thing. "Good morning"s, saves, knowing nods - I eat all of that up. Still waiting for the right opportunity to high five.

    I think a lot of people like the congestion. People love crowds. I think my growing up in a tiny town avoided that quirk.

  6. Laura@ Fit Running MamaJune 19, 2013 at 9:13 PM

    I like waving to other runners! It makes us a part of one community!

  7. Only times I like crowds is when it is windy... bump draft

  8. They are part of our community, they just don't know it yet! haha