Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Monday, June 17, 2013

A little bird told me to

After I published my last post yesterday, my wife, child, and myself went to the beach to enjoy the nice weather. For once this season the temperature held by the lake. We originally thought we would just do some playing in the sand and maybe wet our feet. Our daughter hasn't been the most comfortable yet with the lake.

Well that changed and of course no bathing suits were on. We spent a lot of time in the water and my little girl plopped herself in the water and had a blast. Here are some photos:
Walking to the water
She just finished a tough mudder

Cool line of clouds

We would walk out for 10 seconds and run back in

aaaand we go back in

The evening was a bit more testy as we skipped our daughter's nap and her dinner was late so hellooo cranky. She took a quick snooze at a stop at Dominicks:
Cousin It taking a nap later at Dominicks

Move the time to this morning, 4:40 am, shortest run of the week and slowest pace. Still trying to work on my calf. It flared a bit in the evening, but I expected that after 13 miles on a tender leg.

70 degrees at 5am, makes dressing fast.  Upon jogging to the lake I see a group of 10 twenty something year olds leaving the beach rather intoxicated. I'm sure they had a special swim. I also saw thumbs up guy, I am glad he got the memo to get back on the practice squad.

I stopped for a quick photo at Hollywood beach of the sunrise before it got too bright..

The birds were very territorial this morning, chasing squirrels away like fighter plans, and some vicious cardinals scaring away some small birds. I knew it was on a matter of time before I was targeted. Run Declan was the word in the trees.

The gnat families were also out this morning, thankfully I didn't end up wearing them.

Tomorrow is interval day, trying to decide if I should do slower intervals until my leg is better, or just do a basic 10 miles and let my leg rest. Game time decision.

Excited for French toast for dinner and low 80s today.

You get a Father's day run in?

Do you love brinner?


  1. Those photos of you and your daughter are precious! When I ran Saturday I saw Gnat Tornadoes. I've never seen anything like it before- luckily those were mainly over the grassy sections. Looked like a tube 15 feet high of bugs. OMG. And those redwinged black birds have been holding meetings to plan their summer attacks :) glad you weren't targeted! And off subject- but when I was spectating the 13.1 race a week ago I saw a very fast runner in an Orange Illinois singlet with "Declan" written on the back... Thought it could have been you but now I know you didnt run the race.

  2. Thanks! my wife was snapping the photos! Gnat tornadoes need to make the weather! redwing black birds were the one chasing the squirrels for like a block! They have attacked me on my way to work, just not running yet...

    Hah! Another Declan! Popular in the under 4 year old crowd now, now so much in the older crowd! Nope, wasn't me, but nice name catch!
    Thanks for commenting!

  3. I'm running with a gnat mask or something! So gross, especially after they do work on the park grass and such!

    I'm thinking along your set of, hold off on hard interval pushes until I am sure about my leg, and replace it with something else that I never hurt myself on.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Sounds like you had a great Father's Day. The gnats weren't too bad by Navy Pier this morning but later in the summer they're horrible!

    I'm skipping intervals this week (and maybe next) to make sure I heal appropriately. I'll probably do a "tempo-ish" run instead to get in a little bit of speed. I figure, it's better to skip one track workout than reinjure myself! Good luck!