Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Lake Michigan at Sunrise

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I make that blog come and go

Couldn't think of a title for today, so I decided to fashion it after the first song Pandora played. Please don't judge me too hard. (Can you name the song/singer?)

Keeping in line with my rest day blog posts..
Would you say you have a plethora of random information for me? 

Why yes, yes I do have a plethora of random jazz from you, let us strike the internet pinata  and see what stale candy falls out:

Saw this on reddit the other day from Louis CK's show:
Did someone cut an onion?
A few other quotes from his show here.

When I'm walking/running by myself I often think of conversations I want to have with my daughter when she gets older. Lessons that I can share with her, try to lessen the chances of a turbulent teenage relationship, try and be a good father. They grow up to fast, I hope I can grow up too.

Ever curious if you are using your foam roller right? Check here for videos!

Do you like Asian food/culture or just want to do something tonight? Why not check out Argyle Nights! I'll be there! Will you?
"A weekly Night Market on Argyle Street on Thursdays from 4:00pm – 8:00pm from June 27 through September 19 (except July 4). The Market will be held on Argyle Street (5000 N) from Sheridan Rd. on the east (1000 W) to Kenmore Ave.

Vendors will include farm stands and local Argyle area restaurants, live performance arts, and retail goods.

Confirmed vendors: Tank Noodle, Sun Wah BBQ, Tai Nam Market, Uptown Brownie, Phoenix Bean Tofu, Inspiration Kitchens, Hai Yen Restaurants, Uptown Arts Center, Ba Le Sandwich, Hoa Lan Hair Salon, Farmer Nick's, Beijo de Chocolat, Karl's Craft Soup, All Eyes on Art, and other farm vendors via the City of Chicago’s Farmers Markets.

Live performances will be held each week including performances of “Romeo Juliet” by The Hypocrites the first four weeks and Chinese Dancing Dragons at 5:30pm on Thursday, June 27."
Brokeback Burger- I'm surprised this hasn't popped up on more menus!

Ever wonder how elite runners train? Graph! (and link to comments here)

NBA Draft is tonight! Doesn't mean a lot to Bulls fans for the next season as Thibs doesn't even give you a few minutes until year two. Keep those hopes high! Butler and Gibson have been awesome late round picks.

I created a twitter account last night as one of my friends reactivated their account and didn't want to have like 1 follower. So I went ahead and added a lot of the running bloggers so far! Add me @StopRunningDad !

That should be enough for today! What are you up to today?
How much do you love the Three Amigos?


  1. My husband's family loves the Three Amigos :)

    Isn't it crazy cool how much mileage the elites put it?! :)

  2. I like that training graph. Looks like the majority of training is"slow." I wonder what they consider slow? My Hal Higdon plan recommends running the majority of runs (including long run) 30 to 90 seconds slower than your marathon pace. That just seems so crazy slow to me! Are you following that slow guideline?

  3. Your husband is A O K in my book!
    I don't know how they have time for those miles! I think the max I can get time for is MAYBE 75, but would strain my body for sure.

  4. Ha, they have time because they run a lot faster and get them done sooner, take naps in between and do it as their profession. That would be AMAZING!

  5. The person that took the data said - Slow Distance: 95% aerobic or more. So umm ?
    About half my miles are "slow" 30-120 seconds slower than marathon pace. Mondays are my slowest (after long run). I find that if I go too fast on slow runs, i run slower the next day on hard runs.
    So I stick easy paces for slow days, plus they let your body recover!

  6. true! I need to start taking more naps..

  7. The Three Amigos used to be my favorite movie! I quoted it incessantly. I'm afraid I've forgotten almost all of the good quotes by now, though... and Louis CK, another funny man.

    It's interesting how nearly half of elite marathoners' miles are slow! Although their slow is still twice as fast as my fast.

  8. justploddingalongJune 27, 2013 at 8:44 PM

    I love Louis C.K. but no one else I know seems to love him like I do so I was very happy to see this on your blog. I feel better now:). Today was nothing but work, work, work but I did run for the first time in what seemed like forever and it was awesome- so therefore it was a great day! :). I am following you on twitter.

  9. Haha He is great! Thanks for following!

  10. Three Amigos has been a favorite of mine since a kid! And watching it as an adult, you pick up a lot more jokes! I love quoting it too!

    Seriously they are so fast. Running at below or right at 5 minute miles. Slow is 6ish.. ugh.